Tips For Writing Content For A Website

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Lets take the fear out of writing content


Step back and take a deep breath, do a yoga pose if that helps. Writing content is not as scary as it may seem, just think of it as talking to your friend next door. Your talking to him, he talks to you and you develop a connection. That is content writing at it’s best

Writing Content is communicating in written form, you all do it these days with email, mobile txt, facebook or twitter. That friend wants to hear from you, they don’t really care how articulate or grammatically correct you are so as long as you are yourself. Here are tips for writing content for a website of your design.

How to manage Search Engine Optimization in your content

SEO is an art, your content needs to be worked around targeted keywords, but engaging to your audience as well. Gone are the days where you have websites littered with keywords and back links, google got smart because engaging content around one targeted keyword is key to SEO

Create readable content that convert

Step back and take a loot at my page. If you will notice, I use a lot of spaces and very small paragraphs. This gives your audience breathing room to contemplate what your relaying to them. Space provides them with that opportunity to decide, do I want to continue or not.

That’s how you create content that converts, a clean and engaging page that keeps your audience reading.

How to add images to your content


Another thing you might notice in my pages are images, images are the imagination of an audience, they are pleasing to the eye and give your content character. Just make sure the images you use are free to use.

This link will show the way to find non-copyrighted images

How to use youtube videos in your content

When watching youtube videos you might come across a video that says exactly what you are trying to tell your audience.

When you find it, give it a like cause obviously you liked it. After that an extra menu will appear

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By copying the embed code, you can paste it under the text menu in the upper right hand corner when writing out the content of your page/post.

Writing out content is very easy, it may take you a while to learn because of that voice in your head that’s telling you, you have to be perfect. Just tell yourself, you can do this and it should go smoother.

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