The Signs You Hate Your Job.

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Why you hate your jobs

I use the plural version of jobs because it’s a rarity that one person can boast having one job their entire lives. The truth is that 70 percent of all Americans hate their jobs and are searching for alternatives. They will go from one job to the next, searching for that perfect job.

Either you have all the money and no time or all the time and no money. Knowing that your time is valuable, how much of that time can you say you’ve spent on yourself or the one’s you love.

“Most of the our time we spend is on building someone else’s business, where do you fit into that picture?”

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What are you looking for?

Are you looking for more time to spend with your loved ones, that hobby you’ve always wanted to start. A vacation that you never have time for or sense of satisfaction knowing that you’ve prepared for your future.

“Another source of income, something you built and can take satisfaction on.”

Are you being challenged?

They call some jobs a dead end job for a reason and I think we have all been there. That one job you take just to make ends meet is very commendable, my hat goes off to you for sticking it out.

“What are you doing to get out?”

You feel unappreciated.

You work your butt off all year and bonus day comes, all you get is a thank you or small gift card. Every business has budgets, small business have even worse budgets and it’s very difficult to have employees fall into that category.

“Where do you get your appreciation?”

You can’t advance

Waiting for the promotion that’s been in the mail for so long. Most people can’t get ahead, starting at the bottom of the company and working their way to the top. If you feel you can’t get up, you will always feel down.

You will hate going to work cause that promotion just slipped by you and was given to someone else. Why depend on a company to fulfill all your needs? If you’ve had a promotion slip by, share your experience below.

Your forever thinking that somewhere else is better

The grass is always greener on the other side, just keeping up with the Jones. 70% of people are hating their jobs, more than likely your neighbor is thinking the same thing you are. He’s probably thinking that you have all the luck, then the cycle continues.

“The cycle needs to end with you.”

Think of developing skills, not serving time.

A new way of looking at life, instead of seeing jail cells, look for opportunities. Look for skills that you can develop, learn to build an online business or become a freelancer with

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Find at least one thing in life to appreciate

Life isn’t as bleak as you my take it for, life is so overrated and underappreciated at time, we forget the small things that mater. A beautiful sunrise, a walk in the park or finding the love of your life and thanking her for all she does.

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4 thoughts on “The Signs You Hate Your Job.”

  1. Hi Nathan,

    Great post! You’re nailing it. Most people hates their job, but they don’t do anything about it. I guess they like the secure of the 9-5 job provides them.

    To start up any thing on your own could be very hard and most people quits before the business got the chance to grow. But with right guidance, tools and motivation you will succeed.

    Thanks for a great post, this will be shared to my friends,


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