Why I Hate My Alarm Clock And The Steps To Get Out Of It

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Why I hate my alarm clock

You go to bed with the world on your shoulders and go to sleep, brushing all that weight off. Your dreams are of freedom and as your dream starts really getting good, BBEEEBB!@!#! Then you start dreaming about the impact of your hammer against that device.

Bring out the stakes and the pitch forks, I want to raise a strike against alarm clocks everywhere. They destroy sleep and the freedom to get up when I damn well please. I know there are people out there that love the morning and then there are people that love the nights. I think that we can all agree on how the devastation these little devices can have on our freedom.

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Alarm clocks vs jobs

How many times have you given your boss the excuse, my alarm clock just didn’t go off and that’s why I’m late coming in. That’s usually my excuse cause I hate getting up on someone else’s dime. I’ve always been a night dweller, some of my best works have been done after the sun goes down

Does that make me a vampire or some wrong excuse for an inhabitant of this beautiful world that we call Earth. My wife calls me weird cause I love sleeping in and getting up on my own time. Unfortunately that day is going away soon cause I have to get a job, that dreaded 4 letter word.

I’m going to take the steps necessary to be able to put away that alarm clock, join me as I do this and perhaps you can learn to do it as well.

Different reasons for hating the alarm clock

Everyone has different reasons to hate their alarm clock from the annoying blaring sound to the fact that it never works. Share your alarm hating stories below, I would enjoy hearing them. If you just love your alarm clock, you can put on a dunce hat and sit in the corner. Just kidding, you can share your alarm clock love affairs below too.

Who invented the alarm clock?

According to Wikipedia, The alarm clock was invented by Levi Hutchins from New Hampshire, United states in 1977. He actually made it for himself to wake him up at 4AM to get to work on time. The French inventor Antoine Redier was the first to patent an adjustable mechanical alarm clock, in 1847.

I love staying up until 4AM, but I guess it was a different world back then.

Who invented the snooze button?

When I first heard of the snooze button, I though it was a life savor but it turned out to be just another way to smack your alarm clock. According to this website, Lew Wallace created the snooze button, the same guy who wrote Ben Hur. Whether he invented it or not, that’s debatable.

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How can I get rid of the alarm clock?

There’s actually no way to do this, unfortunately, the alarm clock is going to be apart of society for a very long ways. Call it a tool, call it a temporary companion or something to use until that job we build Online starts to work.

The one thing I want you to take away from this is that you take the steps needed to be able to put away that alarm clock. To get your freedom back and get up when you choose. To be able to go to bed when you choose, to take back that freedom of choose.

The steps you can take

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Get into the mindset of business building and not job working. If you doing a job you hate, your not building a business, your building a tombstone. A Business Building mindset is about growing and learning around work that you love.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Hate My Alarm Clock And The Steps To Get Out Of It”

  1. I’ve never really hated alarm clocks because I’ve rarely used them in my life. A lot of mothers have special alarm clocks called children. My kids tend to wake up pretty early, so no need for an alarm clock. Although I do understand why one would hate their alarm clock but the good thing about them is that as long ast they are set and working correctly, they will never go off early. As for the snooze button, I agree it wasn’t the best invention.

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