What Is SERP And How To Make Use Of It.

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What in the world is SERP?

Sounds like the techno jargon Data would blert out on Star Trek. I will let you in on the down low, SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page and it’s the Results you get when you type something into the Search Engine. Got it, good.

Keep in mind that no SERP is alike, they are all different. Most of it due to factors such as location, browser history and social settings.


Why is SERP so important

As website Designers and Online Marketers, you want to be on the 1st page on the SERP. People don’t normally go beyond the 1st page when searching up something unless they are doing in depth research. Which is boring when looking to buy something, they want information and they want it know.

If one phrase didn’t bring up the results they want, they will try a different phrase. You will want keywords that align with what they want, the less time they have to spend the better.

You should be familiar with 2 categories within SERP, Paid Results and Organic Results

Paid Results

From looking at the picture at top, the top blue sqwiggly line is paid and the bottom is organic. Paid listing are results that have been paid for by an advertiser, they usually have the symbol AD next to them. These are done through PPC(Paid Per Click) so if someone clicks on the ad, the advertiser is charged an amount agreed upon.

Organic Results

Don’t you love my blue squiggly lines, their so pretty. Anyways, the bottom is Organic listings and those results are the ones that Google spits out because of it’s system of organizing websites according to quality.

Google wants quality sites that people are engaging with to show up on the first page. That’s where you want to be with your keyword, though due to the level of competition may make it difficult if not impossible.

Fear not though, that’s where you will need Low Hanging Fruit Keywords of which I talk about on another post. The keywords with 100 traffic and 100 competition.

Nothing trumps quality content

You can have a flashy website, fancy tools and the works, but without quality content that people can engage with, your just spinning the wheel. If you go to a party and never talk to anyone, what was the point of going. Same thing with your website, your goal is to engage with your audience.

Make it something they can interact with

Use jokes, think about what they may be looking for and use that in your content. It can be anything as simple as sqwiggly blue lines. Check out my post on Creating Content.

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2 thoughts on “What Is SERP And How To Make Use Of It.”

  1. Short and to the point. I’m also a member at WA, and I’m still learning all of this stuff with SEO and Search Engine Results etc.

    I think one of the hardest parts is getting content that is both creative and helpful. Like you said, you gotta throw in a joke or two, other wise we start to sound like textbooks.

    One of my biggest problems is coming up with consistent blog posts that can be helpful, without sounding boring lol.

    Anyway, nice article, and keep up the good work.

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