What Is SEO Marketing – Destroying The Myths Behind SEO

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Hey guys, gals thanks for joining my site. Once again, I want to share something that’s been rolling around in my head for a while. A question that most people are afraid to ask, for fear of the bombardment of information from several different sources that make no sense what so ever.

What is SEO Marketing? (Search Engine Optimization)

Well first off let me share with you what SEO Marketing is not so we can get to the truth of the matter. Next time someone shows up at your email and claims they can do SEO for you, you will be prepared and equipped to answer them without being scammed.

‘Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.’

Sherlock Holmes 

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SEO Marketing is not Online Marketing

SEO is a part of Online Marketing, but not Online Marketing itself. Online Marketing is a category with several subcategories. With Online Marketing, you have Social Marketing, Email Marketing, Local Marketing and trust me, it can go on and on. Perhaps I will make an Article on Online Marketing itself, listing all the different categories involved.

So to make things clear, if someone comes up to you and says they can do your Online Marketing for you, you can ask them, “What part of Online Marketing do you do and how do you go about it?”

SEO Marketing is not an attachment

I’m sorry to say, but there is no magical SEO browser attachment that you can buy that will make all your SEO problems go away. Granted there are tools out that that will make your SEO efforts a lot easier like the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. You can use those tools to help you find the keywords for your SEO strategies, though it’s your job use them in a way that will enhance the quality of your content.

If someone comes up to you and says,” check out this SEO tool, it will make your Online Marketing a breeze.” You can laugh and say,” So how do you plan on doing that?

SEO Marketing is not a quick fix

Don’t believe them if they say,” all you have to do is throw in these keywords, mix in a phrase or two and walla, instant riches and the traffic starts pouring in.” lol, I know a couple of witches who claim that on Haloween, though they usually start with toll and tribble.

SEO takes time and patience, you can implement SEO strategies into your Online Marketing, but the process takes time. I won’t lie to you, it may take you 6 months to a year for your SEO strategies to finally take effect. There is no such thing as getting rich quick if someone tells you can get rich quick, run in the obsolete direction as fast as you can.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let’s focus on what SEO Marketing is.

Let me show you a place where you can learn about SEO

SEO Marketing is a strategy

And like all strategies, there are right ways of doing it and wrong ways of doing it. Your ultimate goals in SEO is to get your website ranked in Google, Bing or Yahoo. How that is done takes a fine line of understanding.  Know how much and how little you need to use SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the art of getting ranked through keywords. Keywords that people are asking questions about, trying to find answers for or simply looking for someone to solve their problem. This is where the fine line comes into play, no one wants to read content that yells at them keywords.

This is where the fine line comes into play, no one wants to read content that yells at them keywords. A good rule of thumb when writing content is to add the keyword twice, once in the title and once in the content itself that makes sense. That way when someone comes to your site to read, they will walk away with a quality piece of content that just might help them.

If they like what you are talking about and go ahead and buy into it, cha-ching, that’s where you make the money.

SEO is a format to use

We can use SEO in everything that we do on the internet, from the social medias to writing emails. SEO is a way of life on the internet and the more you understand it, the better.

Well, I hope you got someone from my post today, if you got any questions that are just gnawing at your mind and you need to ask, go ahead a leave a comment below

Website References I used, What SEO is not

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  1. I can say that I have an obsession about keywords. When I started my site, I have difficulty coming out with keywords. When I did, I made the mistake of placing the keywords by itself as my post title. As I learned, I started to made catchy titles from the keywords and started to see my posts climbing the Google rank. And it all started from Wealthy Affiliate where I got my training from.

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