What Is A Business Mindset, Plus Steps To Get There

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The troubles of building a business

With every business that has been built, there have been people who have sacrificed for it. I’m going to lay it straight to you, building a business is not for everyone, for some the easy money from an employer is all they will ever want. Depending on someone for your retirement, letting someone else do your taxes so you don’t have to worry about it because you might be held responsible when something goes wrong.

We live in a world of people who depend on big corporations for our means of life, we depend on the government for success and yes the government is just one big corporation. We grow up thinking that the answer to success is a good education and a good job. That is until there are setbacks and you’re conveniently let go, then we wonder, what the hell happened?

I’m telling you about these issues because that is the reality, the troubles of building a business.

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Business Mindset VS Employee Mindset

Employee Mindset people are dependent on the corporations out there for their existence, they don’t want to learn anything more than what they need for that job. Granted, the bigger the company, the more room for growth. But no matter how far you go, you will never be bigger than the person in charge.

A business Mindset is different, you understand that things we do today decide our future. So you don’t squander your potential away by living in the here and now. You’re always learning, always growing and finding new ways of making money.

How to survive while building for the future

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, there is no such thing as getting rich quick. People with employee mindsets are still waiting for that paycheck that was promised them. The week goes by and no paycheck, so they go back to their original job because it has the illusion of safety.

With a business mindset, you have a job to get you by until your business picks up which won’t be next week.

How to ignore the naysayers

This is not easy, I know. I’m still trying to learn this piece of advice because no matter how much you tell others how awesome this business is going to be unless they see a paycheck (Employee Mindset) they will not believe you.

My wife’s side of the family still believes I’m out of my mind, that the ideas I have are a fool’s errand. Even when I do have a paycheck, it is still hard for them to believe.

It takes a choice every day you wake up, a habit you need to develop. How much are you going to spend each day for your tomorrow, leave a comment below, I would like to hear

The little engine that could

That little engine could and so can you, every little thing you do today brings you that much close to the mindset you need.

Your building today for a better tomorrow

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2 thoughts on “What Is A Business Mindset, Plus Steps To Get There”

  1. Hey Nate,
    I guess I’m more of a business mindset kind of guy because since school, I never wanted to work with anyone but myself.

    However in the eyes of most of my colleagues and even my family, employee mindset is much rewarding and everyone pushed me into getting a fixed job. Why is that so?

    1. It’s a lot easier to depend on your job than building your future, a job is short term whole building for your future is long term.

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