How To Build A Website For Free

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How to build a website for free

Are you making a website to host your personal achievements, using it to sell other company’s products or simply wanting to build your business online with it. Whatever you need it for, building it is very easy. It is so easy these days to build a website, a 5 year old could do it. You can also learn how to build a website for free.

Just keep reading if building a website is what you want.

What are the important elements in website designing?

It takes 5 different elements to make sure a website runs and operates smoothly. From the website host to where all your data is stored, you want to make sure your web presence is accessible from every platform. The 5 key elements are listed below.

  • Website access and load time
  • How well your design looks
  • Can you get from A to B well
  • Does it use a system to manage all your data
  • Quality website content

Having all these elements are important in website design and having a platform that accomplish this makes the difference between bad website and good website.  To do this, I recommend WordPress (you can build a FREE WordPress website RIGHT NOW by entering a domain in the box below)…

What WordPress has brought to the internet.

If you have been apart of Internet, at one point or another you would have run into WordPress. In fact, this very website that you are viewing is built by wordpress.

I remember the days when html code is what you needed to know in order to get out on the internet, in college there was an entire class dedicated to this one ability. Now, WordPress has drastically leveled the playing field, anyone who can make a grocery list can build a website in 30 seconds. In my opinion, WordPress provides you with everything you need to get yourself online.

  • Typically very easy to install and set-up (click of a button at Wealthy Affiliate)
  • No HTML, no code, no need for some advanced knowledge
  • Over 1,400 different website templates to choose from
  • One click install over 10,000 “add on” features and website functionality
  • Lots of support and help within the community

What is the cost of building a website?

There is a video that can help you all the way through this process.

Watch Video: Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds

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Need help with your website?

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