What Is A Good Web Traffic Estimator?

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What is web traffic?

If you’re going to figure out how to generate more traffic for your website, perhaps you’re going to need to know what traffic is. When someone wants to find out something, most people pull up to a web-trafficcomputer or laptop, look up google.com and search for what they are looking for.

That question gets run through googles algorithm, normally a few seconds and out pops up sites that are similar if not exact to what they are looking for. They click the website address and become new web traffic. So what is a good web traffic estimator?

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Organic listing

There are two types of listings, paid listing and Organic listing. Paid listing is usually the listing with the AD at the beginning. Organic listing is the listing underneath the paid listing.

If you have the money, PPC(pay per click) is an option you can consider. This method can be cheap or free depending on the PPC provider, if you’re new with google, google sometimes lets you run $100 of free PPC to help you get started. In order to display their ads to search engine users, advertisers bid on keywords – terms and phrases including specific words – that are likely to appear in search queries.

One of the best ways to get free traffic is by ranking your site high up in the search engines – Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  The organic listing provides you with the chance to build a reputation through content and Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media

You might find business/fan pages that have paid a lot of money to get a large following only to find not everyone that is following is engaging in whatever you have to say. There are many people on Facebook that have “manufactured followings” (sometimes paid, or incorrectly built) and they make a post and they get little to no reach. Business pages with 100,000’s of likes but any post or status update they do will get them very little activity (comments, likes, keywords shares).

Your goal in Social Networking is to engage.  The six engagement criteria are

  • Images (your own ideally)
  • Videos (w/ supporting discussion)
  • Controversy
  • Topical Status Updatestwitterfacebook-traffic
  • Negative Posts
  • Positive Posts / Being Nice

Using one of these criteria when making posts, you will find that people will want to engage and that’s what you will be wanting to invest your time in.

Getting likes and having your post shared among friends is a great way to get yourself out there. These places have made it so easy to get in touch with others, you never know if something you post could go viral.

There are many social media sites to use the top 4 that I use today (might change tomorrow ) are



If you remember I mentioned using videos in the social media, Youtube is a great place to promote videos that will bring in traffic.

The Basics of adding youtube videos you will need
  • video
  • Keyword title
  • related URL
  • description with the keyword in it, google determines rank keywords
  • related keywords
  • a static image (1280 x 720)
  • Turn off comments and use google+ for comments instead

URL in signature

Another way to get some free traffic to your site is to add your website URL to your email signature. You can put your URL in your email signature so anyone you email will see your website.

Offline tip

Business card, t-shirts, and logo. Some of these might cost some money, but they are fun to do.

Thanks for visiting and check me out on google+. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. I enjoy answering everyone.



4 thoughts on “What Is A Good Web Traffic Estimator?”

  1. I’ve heard that YouTube brings in more traffic when well optimized, but I tried using the strategy that was recommended where I got this idea from but all was in vain.

    I’ve just implemented your “basics” and they’ve turned really well. Not sure why you call them basics, they are amazing 🙂 Thanks a bunch for the helpful information.

  2. Hi Nathan, I just started blogging and have been learning a thing or two about online traffic. To be honest, I find this knowledge a bit overwhelming.

    How can I possibly diverse all these traffic when writing content takes up so much of my time? I heard that you can outsource some of these tasks. Would you recommend a new blogger like me to engage in this type of services?

    Thank you for your advice.

    1. Start with one source and become really good at that. Sometimes one source is all you need, just find that source that works for yoo

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