Make Twitter Work For You, Twitter Tutorial For Beginners

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What is twitter

What is twitter about, well Twitter is the internet version of short-hand messages called tweets.  A tweet is made up of 140-character messages that can provides quick links, videos or pictures.


Twitter has a huge user base and can instantly reaching a ton of people through this social media network. So much traffic can be made through this one social media that you would be ignoring it at your own peril.

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Let’s get you an account 8 steps

#1 fill out form

#2  Enter phone or skip

#3 choose your username

#4 choose a picture

#5 choose some interests

#6 find friends

#7 twitter recommendations

#8 You’ve Got your own twitter account, congratulations.

You can begin your twitter life by following me

Twitter lingo

Ever wanted to tell someone something but didn’t want anyone to know, some used Morse code while others use a code and decipher. Kids nowadays use acronyms to tell others what they want to say using only a few letters.

In twitter you only have 140 characters to work with and an audience with a 14 second attention span.  There is a lot of characters used that might trip you up a bit, here are a few.


The “at” sign is used to mention another account like @OnlineMarketDesign. If you type this in your tweet it becomes a link to that account’s profile. You can also use it as an abbreviation for “at” in a sentence like “I’m @ the park”.


The “hashtag” is used for keywords, topics, or events and using the hashtag in front of those words in a tweet turns that word into a link that lets you see other tweets containing the same tag. An example can be “I’m going to #Disneyland tomorrow!”.


The “dollar” sign is used to denote a stock symbol such as $GOOG (Google) and when you type this in a tweet it becomes a link to that stock.

To tweet or not to tweet

When you create tweets keep in mind that the goal of tweeting is to engage not to inform. Your hope is that your tweets get retweeted and the followers of the one who retweeted will see what you tweeted.

The 6 criteria to think about when tweeting


Is it interesting?

Can you stand back and say, this will interest me?

Is it timely?

Consider the seasons of the year when posting.

Is it engaging?
Is it Debatable?
Is it provocative?
Is it funny?
Is it Helpful?

Using just one of these criteria will help in getting your tweet across.

Twitter tools

My favorite tool to use for twitter is the crowdfire app. This app will let you create tweets that will be sent out at certain times of the day and organize all your twitter followers into one place.

Another good tool to use is the Trendsmap. The Trendsmap lets you know what hashtags people are using and the trend that is going on through the world.

What is a list in twitter

The list provides you with a way to organize the tweets that you get. You can put the people you are following into categories will will be useful down the line.


There is a search button on the top right, this will help you find people in your area of expertise.

Build your network

Think about the exponential power of the twitter network. You may only know a few, but the few they know will add onto the few who know the ones they know. It truly is a multiplying process


and that is what they call viral.

Build your network of followers by following people that are tweeting what you are interesting in. If they follow you back, make sure to thank them because activity is key when socializing. People want to follow someone who isn’t a robot.

Follower technique

One great technique that will get your tweets retweeted is to simply ask them in the tweet to retweet, this will increase the odds of retweeting 4 times.

A warning to the wise

No one likes spam, even twitter. The number of followers to people you are following has to be a certain ratio. So twitter has a limit, I try to follow 50 a day and delete those who are not following and are just taking up room.

Thanks for visiting, check out my social sites Google+,twitter and facebook. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below. I enjoy responding to everyone.

4 thoughts on “Make Twitter Work For You, Twitter Tutorial For Beginners”

  1. This is very helpful, thank you, Nathan. Most social media platforms are still fairly new to me. I use FB but confess I haven’t really begun on Twitter yet. I do think I should get on it one day as it seems to be pretty fun. The 140-character limit reminds me of good ole’ SMS, lol! One question: Do you find yourself receiving A LOT of tweets? I mean, a tweet is so short and easy to send (and read).

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