Step By Step Guide On How To Build A Website For Free

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After going through another great webinar at Wealthy Affiliates, I had this great idea about helping others. The teacher was talking about blog/posts ideas and mention doing examples of Affiliate websites. Kind of like a series that walks you guys into the process of building an affiliate website.

While I’m at it, I can let you in on how you can do it for free. No hosting fees or domain fees. But a chance to see it done on a no string budget, starting from scratch. If you guys really like this series, let me know in the comments and I will continue it.

Lead by example

How many times have you heard it said, do this or do that. Put your money and watch a website come out with all the traffic galore.

You can tell them, show me how it’s done and then I will decide. Show me first and then I will tell you whether I want to invest in it. I’m going to lead by example, follow me if you like and I will keep going 🙂

I’m going to lead by example, follow me if you like and I will keep going 🙂

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My affiliate website

When deciding what to make an Affiliate website, I thought to myself, what do I like doing more than anything else? I love to read Star Wars books, I’ve been a star wars books nerd since I first found how to read. Reading about the life of Luke skywalker or the marriage of Han and Leia is an ongoing topic that I can’t put down.

So I type in Star Wars books into WA free Keyword Search

Great competition, I can find myself doing this niche very easily. Of course, I went even deeper, I mean Starwarsbook was a great website title, but I need it something more specific. So I typed in Star Wars Book Reviews

As you can see, the competition is 58 and the monthly searches are 40. Perfect, I can create a website into this


Creating my free website

First off, I signed into my Wealthy affiliate account. Then I brought my mouse down to the left to hover over the blue SiteRubix Build your website button. Finally, I clicked site builder and landed on this page.

Once I clicked the blue button down below called, I’m ready, build My Website Now!

Creating my pages

The next thing I did was create my pages, About me and Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy was easy, all I had to do is cut/paste and insert my email address in all the places where email is needed.

Creating the About me page took me a little bit more time because I wanted to make sure everyone knew who I was and what I wanted to do with the site. If you love Star Wars and have some great ideas, go ahead and leave a comment below.

Check out my affiliate Site on to follow along with me. If you have any ideas or want to help me out, leave a comment. I want this series to be a great example of how to build a website for free.

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3 thoughts on “Step By Step Guide On How To Build A Website For Free”

  1. Is that all you have to do to get the website running up and down? Wow, it is so simple, beautiful and clear. I checked on your Starwarsbook siterubix com site It is hard to believe that it is that simple to make a website.
    How much does it cost to learn to do a website if I want to join you and make my site?

  2. Hi Nathan,
    thanks for your article. I never thought it could be so easy to build a website, and for free.
    Wealthy Affiliate looks like a convenient way to do that. You can build your website with no money down and around your passion.
    So, I’m off to build my own!


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