My Lead System Pro Review, Is It Legit Or Scam?

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Product: MyLeadSystemPro
Overall Ranking: 2 out of 10
Price: $49.97/month or $149.97/month + Many upsells
Owners: Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, and Todd Schlomer

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My Lead system Pro Review

Ever hear an infomercial that you just couldn’t stand listening to, well MLSP will talk your ear off for 1:30 and only provide you with 20 minutes that is useful. MLSP claims to not be an MLM themselves, but they promote a system that gives MLM people a way of finding them. They may have useful information, but the price is very steep.

I have worked with MLM companies in the past and in my opinion, strongly discourage people from getting into them. MLM’s are large groups of insiders that you have to continue paying to stay in. Then to make money, you have to get others to pay to get in as well.

This company was made in 2008 and has a concept called Attraction Marketing, drawing in people who are interested in the business. This concept is hard to grasp with no step by step plans, so you will have to utilize your personal knowledge of it.

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  • Online Training
    Custom marketing campaigns.
    Social media page templates.
    $100 bonus for each member you recruit.
    Lead generation bonuses.


  • High fees
    You will need to recruit to make money
    Difficult to use website


This company helps others find MLM companies.

MLM is not for everyone, it takes a certain personality trait that is strong willed. You need to be extremely dedicated and the company you promote has to have excellent products. Most of the time, the fee is very hefty and you have to keep paying it.


MLSP is the very detailed program that helps MLM marketers find MLM companies, but the fee is very large. Beware of the upsell. The 149/month doesn’t pay for everything in the package, you will need to buy more to get the complete training tool.

They provide you with a WordPress website, yet maintaining the site with them is very difficult. Though they will tell you otherwise.


There’s always someone somewhere who will support you buying more of this product. I’m sure they have great support, but personally, I’m going to run from this company.


It is 149/month plus upsells. They will try to convince you to go yearly that will start draining money from your pockets.

  • 3 Month Option – pay $427.97 every 3 months
  • 6 Month Option – pay $798.72 every 3 months
  • Annual Option – pay $1,499.97 yearly


My opinion, I would not go with this company because of the steep price to buy into. This company is a legitimate MLM Marketing Company, though you have to be into the MLM system. Check out a better and cheaper option with my review on Wealthy Affiliate

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2 thoughts on “My Lead System Pro Review, Is It Legit Or Scam?”

  1. I appreciate your doing a review of MLSP. Very good and straight to the point. There’s just one thing that I didn’t like with the review and I will honestly say it here for correction: You said MLSP is a MLM company? No, it’s not.

    MLSP is a lead generation company, a tool company being used by MLM distributors working on the Internet. By referring others to it, you can earn commissions, which is an “affiliate marketing” in nature, and not an MLM. I know that for sure because I’ve been a long time user of MLSP before I became a full time affiliate marketer.

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