My review on Swagbucks, Is It Legit Or Scam?

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Overall Ranking: 5 out of 10
Price: free to sign up
Owners: Prodege, LLC

Thank you so much for visiting, if you have anything you’d like to add, feel free to leave a comment below. So without further ado, here is my Swagbucks review.

My personal Swagbucks review

Swagbucks is not a get rich quick scheme or a get rich at all strategy. Though if your looking for a program that lets you make some money for doing things you do anyways, why not. The amount of money you can earn is not something to celebrate with, every Swagbucks you earn is equal to 1 cent where 100 Swagbucks would equal to $1.00.

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You can earn Swagbucks through several different outlets. From surveys to playing games or even buying stuff and getting points from that. If you like writing surveys, it all stands to reason why not get paid for it. Swagbucks is a very legitimate company that provides you with that.

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  • A 100% free platform to join.
  • A huge variety of prizes.
  • Simple interface and simplified tasks and surveys.


  • The search engine is not as fast as Google or Ask is.
  • The Swagbucks account stockpiles slowly.
  • It is easy to get sucked into the SB hunt.


It’s for those who are looking for a relaxed way of making some extra cash for those special nights. If you spend nights playing mindless games or having this endless craving to help other companies with their marketing strategies by taking surveys. Or perhaps you want to write a review on Swagbucks and perhaps make some extra cash by referring others to Swagbucks like me. 🙂


It’s pretty much straight forward, you pick something you want to do and whatever you want to do has a set amount of Swagbucks you can earn from it.


They have a complete list of Frequently Asked questions and tutorials to help you find what you are looking for. If your questions are still not found, you can submit a ticket with the question you are looking for.


To sign up is free, you do not have to pay for anything to use this program.


There are other companies out there that provide something for doing things you already do, Swagbucks the best when it comes to results. And no, it’s not a scam, It’s a free platform offering free products and money in return. They do not promote their site with fake promises and have already paid out $135 million in Rewards to their members. How can you say no to that?

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4 thoughts on “My review on Swagbucks, Is It Legit Or Scam?”

  1. Thank you for introducing the idea of being able to earn an income by doing something we may be doing anyway.
    I noticed you only gave it a 5 out of 10.
    Is the low ranking because of the small amount of payout? Do you find that you can earn money quickly with the tasks or surveys?
    You gave a great description as this is something that would be a great alternative to playing mindless games for hours /day.

    1. 75 SB for 13 minute surveys vs 6 sw to watch a 52 m inute clip and yes I gave it a 5 because the amount you can make isn’t life changing. But I guess sometimes a little thing can make a small difference.

  2. I like the idea of the website but agree with your rating because the amount a person need to spend a good amount of money is humongous lol.

    If they increase their rewards to the customers I am sure they will garner a lot of traffic.

    Thanks for the review:)



    1. I agree with you, the time you have to spend on these should be taken into consideration. You should look at the Results on Investment, is the end result worth all the effort you put into it. Investing in your own website vs depending on someone else would have better results.

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