My Slicethepie review, Is It Legit Or Scam?

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Overall Ranking: 6 out of 10
Price: free to sign up
Owners: Uknown

Slicethepie review

Thank you so much for visiting, if there is something you want to add, leave a comment below. As of this writing, I’m currently using their service, listening to their music and getting paid $0..01 for each review. Slicethepie was started back in 2007 for a fun and interactive way of review songs from artists that are just starting out.

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As a musician, I understand how hard it is to get your music out there. Having a love for music is one thing, but getting the music that brought you that same love is not easy to get out there. I normally play for free at my church, creating music at home when I can.

The musicians submit their music and reviewers( scouts as they call them) will listen and provide a paragraph review of each song, gaining money from the reviews. The artists that are rated best are put on display for scouts to choose which one to support.

The scouts get other benefits in return such as merchandise’s previews free tracks and free access to gigs. A very good win-win scenario if I haven’t seen one. So for those music lovers out there, get your hearing ears on 🙂

When I write articles, I’m always listening to music so even though this company does ‘s reviewed well, I don’t find it hard to listen while working. So give it a try, you might enjoy it.



  • Simple to join, easy to figure out what to do.
    Only mini reviews required, so very quick to complete.
    Much more interesting and fun than answering survey questions!
    BONUS categories at times, that pay extra money.
    The chance to hear some brand new music & find new bands.
    A referral program, so you can make money from other people joining too.
    Unlike survey sites, you don’t get “chucked” out of a review because you don’t qualify.  If you complete the review – you get paid.


  • Limited categories to write reviews on.
    Very limited earning potential.
    You need to be a quick typist to benefit the most.


It’s for every music lover out there that ones to make something making reviews. It’s not a whole lot, but there are more boring things out there that make you more. It’s for the casual listening that needs extra cash to do the things they love


Learning this product is straightforward, most of the training is built in.


They have a list of Frequently Ask Questions here and if that doesn’t help, you can email them at


To join is free, to listen is free. The only thing you might spend is your time, but music is a great way to spend your time.


If you’re trying to make a lasting income from, look elsewhere. If you are trying to make extra cash to fund your latest opportunity, this isn’t a bad way to go.

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Thanks for visiting, check out my social sites Google+, twitter, and facebook. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. I enjoy answering everyone.

2 thoughts on “My Slicethepie review, Is It Legit Or Scam?”

  1. Hey!
    This is great. I may go ahead and sign up. Not because of the $0.01 per review, but for the love of music. But it sure does beat that boring survey taking routine from what you have described.
    Of course, when it comes to making money online, it sure does not come close to building your very own website and learning the necessary steps to building a successful online business. That is why I am sure Wealthy Affiliate is the place for anyone willing to start earning while learning.
    Anyways, great review. Thanks for sharing.
    Good luck!

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