My Quidco Review, Is It Legit Or Scam?

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Cashback program

Thanks for visiting and without further ado, here is my Quidco Review. No pun intended.

Quidco was started on 2005 in Germany as a way for people to get cash back on purchases they make every day. They create agreements with companies so they can get you cash back on everyday purchases.

“Word of caution, when getting money back from purchases, always read the fine print. I personally bought something at one time to get cash back from it only to find out that it was going to take 2 months for it to come back, I would of know that if I read the fine print.

I just love the fact that most of the companies are working with facebook or twitter. Signing into Quidoc was very easy, I entered the website address and clicked sign in with facebook. At which point I’m asked to choose premium or supported by ads.

After that choice, you’re asked when your car insurance, phone contract expire.  Probably to give you offers on them. Then they give you a list of retailers in 7 different categories, you need to pick the one’s you like.

Your all set, know all you need to do is find things you want to buy. For those of you who celebrate Christmas, this is not going to be very hard. They offer easy to find Christmas offers.

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Get cash back on your purchases
You can pick how you get paid
Easy to use

No guarantee
Fees are brand defined
Slow payment


It’s for the casual shopper who wants to save money on the items they buy. If you’re constantly on the look out for good deals, this will help you.


If you check this page out you will find they offer live chat, email support and claim forms support.


Signing up is free and the only thing you might buy is on whatever your want cash back on.


This program is great if you’re out there looking for deals on items your buying. As with all deals, you need to look carefully at them so that you don’t miss anything.

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4 thoughts on “My Quidco Review, Is It Legit Or Scam?”

  1. It’s good to know there are innovative companies like Quidco that allow casual shoppers with cashback. So, it is for the shoppers, and for those who want something in return for their shopping. Anyway, who else doesn’t want to be rewarded back for their shopping? None, right?

    My question is, if I refer someone to this program, would I be compensated commission for referring others? Then, how much?

  2. Hi there,

    Getting cash back on purches is nothing new and I don’t see it going away anytime soon as people will always de seduced by money off, be a discount of direct cash back.

    Thanks for the wise words about reading the fine print.

    Great site, keep up the hard work.

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