My Review On, Is It Legit Or Scam?

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Overall Ranking: 2 out of 10
Price: Free
Owners: Unknown

Does work?

Thank you for visiting my site, I just want to let everyone know that I can make changes at any time. If there is something wrong or you just want to add, leave me a comment below and I will make the necessary adjustments. Without further ado, here is my review.

When trying to figure this program out, I ran into a lot of walls. So let’s collaborate, these new software companies coming out are desperately trying to get users and aren’t following any kind of standard. When looking into their website, I couldn’t find an owner or support number.

You need to be careful of this kind of things, the possibilities of it being a scam are very likely. Red flags should go up when certain things come, I mean even a program that is free should be looked at closely. If they are in the social networking market, they should already have a following.

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Follower Organization
Follower search engine
Unfollow recommendations

Nothing automated
No help system


They are trying to get into the twitter follower market but unfortunately are not trying very hard. This kind of software is supposed to save a marketer time when trying to do social campaigns. There are better programs out there, I want to let others know that you don’t have to stick with one program.


It does offer an organization of all your twitter followers in one app, but it doesn’t provide much in the way of efficiency.


No support, there was no phone number or email of which I could call.


Having an account is free and if you wanted to control other twitter accounts, the pricing is as such.

2 Accounts – $8.00
5 Accounts – $18.00
20 Accounts – $39.00


This program is very inefficient at the moment, given the time they may get better and why they are working on that, there are better programs out there. Check out my post on using twitter, I mention using crowdfire for all your twitter accounts.

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2 thoughts on “My Review On, Is It Legit Or Scam?”

  1. It is not a good sign when you do not know who the owners are. That’s a sure sign that the program probably has little value. Good programs have lots of transparency and owners are proud to identify themselves. With so many other Twitter training program s around, this one is a definite pass.

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