My Review Of The Avon Opportunity, Is It Legit Or Scam?

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Product Name: Avon
Overall Ranking: 6 out of 10
Price: $10 – $20 plus cost of product
Owners: David H. McConnell

Introduction to Avon?

Who really needs an introduction to Avon? Avon has been around since 1886 and have been offering a quality product that sells, everyone and their dog has probably heard the name Avon. So there’s no question on whether their product is good, it’s the fact that they have tried to adapt the MLM strategy to your company over the last few years.

They started off in Direct sales and made a lot of money because of the quality of product that they had. Plus the reputation that they had built over the years brought a lot of return customers that continued to buy.  Unfortunately, their sales has been dropping over the past few years.

Why have their sales dropped?

If you do your research on Avon, you will noticed the trend of their company has been dropping over the past few years. Some may say it’s the economy that is dropping, while others say it’s the negative reviews they have been getting. It could actually be a combination of both of those.

Over the past few years Avon has stopped devoting their advertisements away from their product and have devoted their attention to a new product of theirs, the unlimited income opportunity. Which has hurt them in my opinion, they had started their company selling quality product which brought in return sales, people loved their product.

Quality product vs income opportunity

During the recession, Avon started selling their income opportunity instead of working on the product they had. What you got was people recruiting people into dying teams just to make that bonus income. They pretty much sold a dead dream to people with barely any money.

According to, 99% of all mlm workers actually make an income. That income is usually $10 a week, we are actually talking about the door to door sales or direct selling of the product itself. The percentage of sellers that quit is between 70-80%, before entering into any mlm companies, do your homework first.

In my personal opinion, quality product and quality content around that product is what produces an income that will last. When working for any mlm companies, you will have to sign an agreement stating that you will not represent any other products out there.

Don’t get me wrong, Avon is a very good product, but what if say they had one product that you just did not like? Because of that agreement, you can’t go and find a product that you can personally represent. Affiliate Marketing is the complete opposite of MLM companies.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

With Affiliate Marketing, you go find a product that you enjoy yourself and feel that you can represent very well. You build a website around that, providing information and perhaps great tips on the use of the product. That company gives you a link that you can share on your website and when people click on that link and buy, you get a commission off of it.

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They have a great reputation
They have quality products
Great advertising material
Cheap sign in costs


Your stuck selling their product alone
The company isn’t doing very well
It is a lot of hard work, physically and mentally.


I’d like to say it’s for the salesmen out there, but I’m not quite sure on that. They are a direct sales company that is trying to work as an MLM company. They had a good thing going, but they decided to go sell an unlimited income opportunity than their product itself.


Coming from a salesman point of view, their brochures and advertising materials are great, plus some training in it as well.


They’ve got great support, I will give them that.


They price to join is very cheap, though with every businesses like this, you also have to consider the up cost of doing business. Their intro price is between 10 and 20 dollars, plus the price of the product that you will need to buy to be able to sell.

With every business, there will be some form of upkeep. As a person that is new to building a business, keeping those costs low is important. If you spend all your money on a business opportunity and then later find out it’s not for you, your stuck with no money and a basement full of products that you resent.

The price of building an business doing Affiliate Marketing online is between 0 to 49 a month and yes, you heard that right, you can actually start for free. Check out my review to find out how.


This review may ruffle a few feathers, remember though, this is my personal opinion and if you don’t like it, find one that you do. My final opinion is that Avon is a legit opportunity with a quality product. I do not like mlm companies, though Avon didn’t start out as one, they have ruined themselves by trying to be one. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend them.

Avon has been around for decades and perhaps they will continue, the down turn of their company may very well be temporary. So if you got into Avon and you love their products and opportunity, I hope the best for you.

Thank you so much for visiting my site, if you don’t have an affiliate website, check out my review on Wealthy Affiliates, a community that pays it forward and believes in the ones they serve.

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4 thoughts on “My Review Of The Avon Opportunity, Is It Legit Or Scam?”

  1. Nathan,
    Good review of a once good company with a great product. I remember my Mom buying from the Avon sales rep every week. Too bad they’ve gone the wrong direction.
    Also, a good comparison between Avon and Wealthy Affiliate with the clear winner WA.
    Keep up the reviews to let everyone know what’s legit and what isn’t.

  2. I am not sure why you are saying that Avon doesn’t have a website, We have a completely set up, customizable free website for each sales rep and have even when I sold 8 years ago. Yes you do have to know how to go out and sell and work your butt off and for small towns it is very difficult, but not impossible. The startup cost is now done in 3 tiers, $25, $50, $100 and you get varying amounts of free products, samples, and books to start you out depending on your kit. Avon also has numerous foundations that it supports, such as breast cancer and we sell stuff with a major portion going to the cause. Avon is also got strict guidelines and rules in the US and EU and UK that do not allow animal testing of any product sold by Avon. So it has it’s good and bad as you pointed out. They have changed some things and made it harder and I too hope they will figure it out. thanks for the great review. I wish they would stop discontinuing good products and bring back the kids lines. Both companies are great to be a part of.

    1. If what you mean by website ownership is a website that is similar to this one where you can change the design, decide who can post and who cant. Where the name isn’t a bunch of numbers connected to a company website.

      I’m not trying to be harsh, I was where you are at. I invested my time and money to a company that convinced me that I was a business owner with my own website, but when I wanted to change things, I hit a wall of legal issues.

      In an mlm, you don’t own a business, the company owns you. If you understand this and accept it the way it is, you will be far better off. If you dislike their products for whatever reason, your stuck with them.

      With affiliate marketing, which is not multi level marketing, you have the freedom to sell anything without hitting any illegel issues. You actually own your business, not someone elses set of standards.

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