My Fourpercent Review, Is It Legit Or Scam?

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Product Name: Fourpercent
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 5
Price: $49/month
Owners: Vick Strizheus

Here is my fourpercent review, I’ve done some research on Vick Strizheus. Most of the information I’ve provided are simply the facts I have read about. I personally do not know Vick Strizheus, though I want to keep you informed on his life so you can make a better decision

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So many videos!!

If you like looking at the face of one guy over and over again, this is the place. To be honest, I searched and searched for vital information that I can use to describe this opportunity. The setup is in a video, the descriptions are in video and the how to are in the video.

Are you getting the picture here, hours and hours of videos? Reminds me of the days where I stepped into the wrong seminar only to find one guy preaching about one product that will change my life forever. There is storytelling, then there is over doing it and it was very hard to find usable information through all that promotional video.

Vick the con Artist

This guys name is Vick and in 2007 he was a convicted con artist that swindled fake life insurance. He was given a 90-day prison sentence for grand theft.  He was convicted for faking life insurance applications with information of people who didn’t even exist and stealing around 30,000 dollars in commissions before being caught.


So far not good.

A quote from their website “We believe that people don’t necessarily need more “information“, there’s plenty. Enough with “theory” and “concepts“. What people really need is results.” No offense here, but how are people going to make informed decisions if information is not provided. Not everyone is going to have the time to spend watching videos.

“You don’t need good detailed information, just listen to my sales pitch!”

Then they go on to give you testimonials from people who love their product. This is great for a good sales funnel, but what about the people still in the information stage. I don’t think they give enough information for you to make an informed decision unless you want to sit through hours and hours of video.



  • Highly motivational. Unfortunately, a strong motivation to follow the “training” will only cost you more money.


  • Not trustworthy
  • The training is composed of simplistic tutorials to set up your landing pages
  • No training on how to promote your landing pages. No visitors (traffic), no money!
  • The pre-made landing pages don’t rank on Google, so you can’t take advantage of the free organic traffic.
  • You are enticed to buy unnecessary products, only so that Vicky earns and your sponsor earn more commissions.


It’s all for Vick actually, your to promote his product so he gets most of the money. Please don’t get drawn into his fancy smile and humble beginnings. I’m so glad I didn’t get listen to the who video and decided to do some research online.

Here are 3 websites reviews if you want to hear more about Vick and is conning days.


If you willing to listen to all 20 hours of him talking, be my guest. I personally don’t have time and have found researching his product gave me more information than he was willing to provide.


They are really good with support, when I was looking for an affiliate link, the support staff on the other end sent me a video with a tutorial on how to find the link. Thank god it was only 3 minutes long, I found my answer within 1 minute of watching.


It’s $49 a month with upsells


Given Vicks unquestionable background, I can’t conscienceless give this product a thumbs up. As a warning to all, there are better ways of creating a business Online.

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4 thoughts on “My Fourpercent Review, Is It Legit Or Scam?”

  1. Vick Strizheus? I show this guy on facebook promoting high traffic academy, I was shocked that time that he was charging $150 around monthly via members to unlock every video he has made as for affiliate marking. What is he about to teach for that much money? sounds greedy to me.

  2. Very good review. Humorous. Was a bit put off by the negativity toward him. He obviously made a big mistake, got caught and paid for it. It shouldn’t be about him personally. It should be about his products and his business practices. Which I think you nailed. I would not buy what he is selling. Overall Good Job. Also I stopped on this word I know what it means but the sentence didn’t make any sense. “conscienceless” Or “consciencelessly” ??

    1. Lol, actually, spell check told me that’s how it’s spelled. Thanks for finding it for me. Good point however, still caution should be taken when listening to his stuff

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