My Review Of DoTERRA, Is It Legit Or Scam?

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Product Name: DoTerra
Overall Ranking:  0 out of 10
Price:  $35
Owners: David Stirling & Emily Write

Who and What does DoTERRA do?

If you want my opinion, DoTERRA is a MLM just like any other MLM out there, where the only way to make real money is to recruit others. DoTERRA is popular, don’t get me wrong, but popularity doesn’t make it legit.

The definitions that make a pyramid scheme don’t change because we like a product, they are still solid any way you look at it. Take a look at my article I wrote a while back on the MLM schemes.

DoTerra has been around for 9 years and have a variety of products that they claim are organic and pesticide free, just like some other companies that focus on essential oils, like Young Living.

DoTERRA has trademarked the term Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (“CPTG”) as a way to convince you that what they have is of a higher quality and worth buying. Don’t be fooled, the FDA did not approve the CPTG.

Know that they are just using this term as a way to market to you, there is no such certification in the FDA. Check out this article as well how the FDA defines essential oils.

They lie in order to get you to buy their product, that is unethical business. People buy into the eye-catching reassuring phrases that give customers the assurance and definately help with the sales promotions, but either way you look at it, they are decieving you into buying their poduct.

Is it a scam? I will let you decide

Is DoTERRA a scam?

The easy answer would be no, but there are so many facters that define a pyramid scheme that the answer can’t really be easy. Take a look at this youtube video I found on Pyramid schemes, I think it gives a great definition and prepares people so they don’t fall into legal looking pyramid scemes.


There are good companies out there and then there are bad companies out there, by using the definitions of a mlm against that this video showed will help you in making the right decision. Some of them truely have a good product at a fair price while others are feeding off of your desire to make money.

If all they talk about is making money with the company and not about it’s products, that is a good sign to run away. If you go that direction, you will be doing the same to your friends and family. Those relationships are more important than money, don’t ruin them with the desire to make money.

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Should you join DoTERRA?

If the past few paragraphs hasn’t convinced you, then I will leave the decision up to you.

If you are going to promote essential oils, you need to ask yourself, are essential oils assential to your home? If you are buying essential oils simply to make money, your fooling yourself.

Most of the time when people join DoTERRA as reps, they are most likely interested in the compensation plan than the product itself and I have personally seen that happen in most of the MLM companies that I have been involved with. If they don’t make money within a certain period of time, they leave.

It is really hard to hold onto customers, you can bring in a 100 customers, but if you don’t retain at least half of them, you won’t be making any money.

This business is about sales and if you go in without being really good at it, you won’t make it. I went into an mlm business with 5 years of sales experience and I did lousy, granted I was a lousy salesman.

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If you were recruited into a good team with several people good at sales, then you just might do well, better chances than someone who isn’t in a good team. Remember though, rejection is inevitable and you will face a ton of it. You might even lose friends if you ok with that.

The DoTerra Compensation Plan

That income figure shown in the video is on a “Best Case Scenario” In reality, 95% of the people will leave this business because it is really hard to make that “Best Case Scenario”

When you compare DoTERRA’s essential oils with other brands, you will notices that their prices are 3 to 10 times more expensive. Making it very hard to sell and does produce guild in the sellers that sell it at the high price.


They have great marketing
They have scientific endorsement
They have lots of video presentations

They have decietful marketing
They do not have their own exlusive oils
They have a 35 dollar registration fee


It is for those out there that are extremely good at selling and don’t care about friends and family. In my opinion friends and family are more important than money, but it is your call, not mine.


If you support is dependant on the team you have and not them, don’t expect a whole lot of training.


I don’t know if they do seeing that I don’t see their oils as essential to my home. If anyone has ever tried their product, let me know in the comments below.


They product is expensive and to become a rep is spendy as well. $35 dollars gives you a website and permision to sell their products. What if I told you that you could build your own website for free, would you be interested in that?


Most of the products that MLMs sell out there are overpriced and will encourage you to sell that overpriced product to friends and family, there are better ways of going about it.

To actually do something right, takes time and patience. It takes a willingness to endure to the end. You might hear this from network marketers time and time again. What I’m talking about is your willingness to educate yourself instead of spending money on more products.

The program that I highly recommend is an Online Business University that focuses on teaching students how to generate a passive income online.

Many people, myself included, have spent thousands of dollars on receiving a good education and business degree, but this program happily teaches people how to kick off their online businesses for free.

The decision is yours to make and I know you will make the right one.

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4 thoughts on “My Review Of DoTERRA, Is It Legit Or Scam?”

  1. It’s the same with all MLM companies which they do not have great tools or great training You would be lucky if somebody inside besides Your sponsor is willing to train new comers.They only way to really be successful with MLM is to actively need to be bringing new prospects into the company in order to make some cash.
    That’s why most persons think and know all the MLM based companies are scams.
    Great review by the way I did like it tons.

    1. When your main source of income is from recruiting, it sounds too close to a pyramid scheme. I’ve been there, pressured into recruiting more and more. It all seemed like if I’m not recruiting, I can’t make any money. Which in a pyramid scheme is sad, but true.

  2. Great review about DoTERRA, this definitely sounds like one to stay away from!

    I don’t like MLM’s in general, I don’t like the pyramid structure, and to be honest, they are mostly crappy overpriced products!

    I do know of people that have done well out of them, but they are the exception rather than the rule!

    And I don’t think that DoTERRA sounds like anything exceptional.

    One thing I found interesting, is that a PRO was they have great marketing, but a CON was that it is deceitful, personally, I don’t think that deceitful marketing can lead to long-term success, you can’t trick your way to success forever, don’t you agree?

    All in all, a great review, and a product to steer clear from!

    1. It all depends upon how many victims you have to deceive and there are a lot of people out there looking for any easy way of making money

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