My Review Of Ambit Energy, Is It Legit Or Scam?

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Product Name: Ambit Energy
Overall Ranking: 3 out of 10
Price:  429 one time fee plus 24.95/month
Owners: Jere Thompson Jr. & Chris Chambless

You need to know

Before I start this review, I need to mention one thing about any opportunity out there. Do you homework, read the fine print on any contract. From my years of experience as a door to door salesman, companies love to highlight the good and somehow don’t care to mention the bad.

As a salesman, I knew I needed to provide the good and bad because when people see you as a source of quality information, whether they buy from you or not, they keep coming back. Its that kind of reputation that every good business needs.

Ambit Energy

This company does not have that kind of reputation, there are so many complaints out there about the variable rate taking customers into debt. Most of the complaints are resolved with the fact that the customer didn’t read the fine print.

Seriously, fine print, in my opinion, nothing should be put in fine print. Everything should be out in the open so the customers can make better informed decisions. If you need to hire a lawyer just to find good products, there’s something wrong.

Ambit Energy launched in 2006 by Jere Thompson and Chris Chambles. This whole concept was created in a restaurant called PotBelly’s where they got together for lunch. Ambit Energy specializes in the USA by providing competitive prices on electricity and gas.

Ambit is competitive and very limited, as of this writing, I cant even get it in my home state of Washington. If you are serious about this company, I would recommend making sure you can sell it where you are at.

Consumer complaints

There are so many complaints about this company, I’d probably run out of room on this site. Due to the high volume of complaints and lawsuits, I can not safely recommend this company to anyone.

Ambit Energy is a legit business, but they have built so much distrust with their consumers that I have to give them a bad rating

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How did Ambit Energy scam people?

Ever since the deregulation of energy of most of the states of the US, the founders of Ambit Energy, Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless, saw the opportunity to advertise “cheap” energy services to consumers while at the back end charging them a variable usage rate that can fluctuate tremendously.

Remember when I mentioned reading the fine print, well that’s how they get away with it. Legally, it’s in the fine print, but who reads fine print?

Most people who are trying to save themselves money on electricity rarely, if ever, will read the fine print. As long as companies come around saying they can save them money, people will sign up.

And that’s where Ambit Energy scams people, consumers are made to believe that they can save a ton of money

The truth is, the consumers receive a skyrocket bill due to those hidden rates. This is the main reason there has been so many consumer complaints and lawsuits.


Pros ?


Your working for a company with a bad reputation
The market is very competitive
There are only a few states where you can sell it in


Like I said, I can’t recommend this company to anyone. If you are looking for information about Ambit Energy, I hope you read through it carefully because when you sell anything, your putting your reputation on the line.


I haven’t personally seen any tools or training that they provide.


You can try to reach them, but I dought anyone will respond


The price of this company is up in the air. Some say it’s 75 one time fee while others say it’s a 429 one time fee. But in each case, to stay a rep, you will need to pay 24.95 a month.


Do you homework before jumping in because once you put your money in, you will just have to defend it. No one is born a natural business person, that only happens in the movies. It’s through hard work and determination.

It also takes a brave person to know when they’ve made a mistake and in this line of business, you will make a ton of them. I know I have and have paid for it. If something doesn’t work, find something that does.

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2 thoughts on “My Review Of Ambit Energy, Is It Legit Or Scam?”

  1. Some interesting info. Any company with such a bad reputation, I would definitely stay away from unless I could get some proff that the complaints are based on misunderstandings.

    It is interesting that it seems companies can get away with almost anything as long as they have written the terms in the fine print. Often the fine print is difficult to find, and so long and written in a way that most people do not really understand fully what it means. It would be great if sales people would just state all the facts, and not try to hustle and try to hide the cons like this. Would make a huge difference in the trust we in general have to each other.

    Thanks for the warning, and I will definitely stay away from Ambit Energy.


    1. It is hard to find a company that doesn’t hide their fees in hidden fine print, it is up to us as sales people to do the homework before working for a company. I personally like being an affiliate vs working for an MLM company, you have a lot more freedom to choose what you represent.

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