My Agel Enterprises Review, Is It Legit Or Scam

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Product Name: Agel Enterprises
Overall Ranking: 3 out of 10
Price: 1,000 plus monthly cost of products
Owners: Glen Jensen

My quick opinion

The first thing I want to mention is that I had a hard time finding any unbiased review of this product. Everything I’ve heard is that you have to recruit a lot to make it in this business model and all the money you make is from recruiting.

What’s unbiased about this is that it all comes from people who believe that the only problem is that you’re not recruiting enough. Why is recruiting the best way to make money, from my experience when someone says recruiting most people will run for the hills.

You recruit for a cult, you recruit for a gang, why would you want to recruit as a lifestyle? MLM’s, in general, are just legalized hustling. You’re, in essence, a pimp making money off of other people.

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Agel Enterprises

That being said, Agel has been around for a while. Their hustle continues. Their product is real, which is based on a system that makes vitamins and minerals into a gel-like substance. Like most mlms, it is overpriced and you can’t get it unless you know someone who knows someone.

This company was founded by Glen Jensen, who previously worked for Nu Skin Enterprises and Neways.  Agel was launched in 2005 through an unprecedented simultaneous 10 country launch with their revolutionary product and a technologically advanced business model.

These include Agel FIT for weight control, Agel MIN as a general nutritional vitamin, Agel EXO an exotic fruit compellation, Agel OHM an energy vitamin, and Agel UMI a Fucoidan based nutrient.

In addition to these new items, Agel has brought over some network marketing stars like Randy Gage to be a part of the MLM opportunity.  The Agel Enterprise Marketing MLM network opportunity can be costly for some newcomers with packages close to $1,000.

Vitamin MLM’s and the dangers thereof

When it comes to vitamin MLM’s, it is very hard to get any details relating to the dangers associated with their products. They employ doctors and biochemists that praise their products, but when it comes down to the dangers relating to possible allergic reactions, they simply tell you to consult a doctor.

My piece of Advice, wait till these products show up in your local pharmacy. If they don’t ever make it there, there’s probably a reason for that.


Very expensive for newcomers
Risky due to their financial problems
Money is made from recruiting only

Randy Gage promotes it
They’ve been around for a while
Their products are unique


If you love recruiting, dream night and day of who can make you money. If the pimp life, I mean associates life is for you then go for it. The drop off rate for this company is high, so expect a very high turnover. You will need to make it your job to recruit over and over again.

Recruiting isn’t for everyone, I for one just like focusing on the quality of the product and what it will provide for the consumer. Creating product reviews that will help others make better-informed decisions.

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Most of their training and tools come from the upline that recruited you. There are some mlms out there that provide innovative training, Agel gives you a compensation plan and tells you to go make them money.

Their compensation program consists of 2 legs, a large leg, and a lesser leg. You receive a 10% commission off of the lesser leg. I will not go into detail of the compensation plan, if you curious and want to learn more, they compensation plan can be found on their website.

Of all the MLM companies I’ve researched, this has the worst training program of all of them.


Listed below are their contact numbers that I took off their website, use at your own risk. I don’t know whether they will get back to you or not.

Customer Service:
GM: Alfredo Sole
Phone: 54 15 4492 3161


For you to start will cost 2800. Some sites will mention a 35 dollar fee, but that’s to save you a seat. To be ready to receive a commission, you will need to buy the bronze package at 2800.

On a bootstrap budget, this is very unlikely.  Why does one need to be rich to become rich?


I personally do not like MLM companies and will stay far away from their self-promoting advertisement. Though there are still some people who are waiting on the fence on whether MLM is for them. I want to make sure you know what you’re getting into before you decide.

My recommendation is to start your own business promoting something that you love. Have your own website and write your own content.

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2 thoughts on “My Agel Enterprises Review, Is It Legit Or Scam”

  1. I hate recruiting. That is the dark side of these MLM companies. I was recruited from someone who was part of Amway during my early college days and went to a presentation. They had good products, but I’ve noticed a heavy emphasis on bring others so I left it alone. Recently, I was contacted by a freind who did Market America. They showed a presentation which showed a different business model which made me less skeptical but over time, I noticed how they heavily pushed buying tickets to their well as getting more people involved. My friend now is skeptical of them and is distancing herself from them. Recruiting is definitely not for me, but more power to others

    1. Your right about recruiting, it has too many downsides than it has upsides. It isn’t worth the loss of friendships and I don’t know why anyone would want to put their relationships over business. Not only do you lose friendships and family, your reputation as a hustler is established.

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