Multi Level Marketing Scam, Don’t Fall For Them

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Multi Level Marketing or MLM scam, there I said it.

I just described the white elephant in the room, the one thing people will defend till they can’t talk anymore. It does make sense that you would, everyone will defend what they put their money into. Hopefully, for this post, you can set aside your opinion till you can hear all the facts involved with MLM’s. A lot of the time, your involved with a group of people that think the same way and it becomes difficult to listen to any outside perspectives.

No one wants to have the feeling that they have been ripped off so don’t worry, I won’t think any less of you or call you stupid for joining an MLM. No one comes to be successful without making a few mistakes down the line, it’s all a part of the journey we must take. You got to know what doesn’t work before you can figure out what does work.

I’ve personally been involved with a few MLM’s in my day and have experience in this field. There are those who love it and then there are those who feel bitter because of it. Yet there are a few points that stay consistent in every MLM.

Your that door to door Salesman everyone wants to avoid

You’re asked to sell to your friends, family, and co-workers, have a line to say every time you call someone up in hopes that they buy into it like you did. I did that for 2 years and now I have a reputation with my family of being gullible. You try to convince other people to sign up for phone services or sell them that number one healthy product that’s going to change their life. I know what it’s like being a door to door salesman, nobody like’s a pushy salesman.

Every MLM out there is based on of getting others into it. You’re told to make a list of people you know and spend hours every day calling them because this is what really business minded people do. Check on your downline, if you even have a downline and see if they are making sales for you. I know a good pimp down the street that does the same thing with his girls, not a very good reputation for having.

They feed you line after line to say or copy down and send in order to sound legit. They tell you if you don’t buy into it, no one else will so you buy a garage full of stuff you will never use, but you bought into it so others will buy into it. There is nothing worse than hearing from someone who bought stuff in order to convince you to buy into it. It sickens me just like any other scam out there.

To make it in MLM, you have to recruit others or you will make nothing.

There is a problem in the system, in order to make money, you have to recruit others to go up the ladder of compensation. When you convincing others to join, you’re also convincing them to have a garage full of junk.

Overcharging for items

At one time, when working for Advocare, I tried selling their product on eBay. They pounced down on that adventure and my business was short lived after that. I bought into ACN’s video phone once and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t video chat with anyone but ACN. Yeah, it was a piece of overcharged crap and I wouldn’t recommend it to my grandmother.

The point I’m trying to make here is that they have to overcharge their items, they wouldn’t stay in business otherwise. Plus they have to pay the BBB in order to stay legal, yeah I said it, you can pay the better business bureau to get a good rating. So much for finding ratings that matter these days.

There are some MLM’s out there that you have no idea what the product is and that is the ones others compare themselves to in order to stay legit. They rely on the fee to join and the recurring product/service they have you buy into to stay in business. The reality is some MLMs are just better at hiding the truth than others, it really comes down to getting you to make them money.

It really is a scheme, you know, that dreaded P word. hint…Pyramid…

Making money off your friends.

Remember that list I told you they had me make, well most of those are your good friends. Selling to your friends just ain’t cool, it causes so much damage and hard feelings that there’s no going back. You never go into business with friends or family, they are the ones you depend on to be there for you. Most friends or family want to do that but when you through in an MLM in the relationship, it makes it very hard to trust.

I’m an introvert by nature, but I stuck with it and called all my friends, thought I was being a very good business person by sticking it out. Suffice it to say, I don’t think I even say hi to those friends I got to sign up. I sold my family into it, my in-laws wouldn’t buy into it. Of course, they turned around and got me into selling Advocare, I’m not very close to my in-laws because of that. Because of all of this, they all think I’m just plain gullible.

Never go into business with friends or family

Trust me, after a while you get really tired of it all. You get tired of trying to sell the product and scheme itself. You start to feel that 9-5 job you have looking real nice. There is a better business model out there and it’s called Affiliate Marketing.

MLM isn’t even a real business.

MLM is not even a real business, you don’t own business, you don’t own the website, You don’t own anything other than the products you bought. Unlike Affiliate Marketing, where you own the website, your name and the following that you create. In an MLM, you’re constantly hustling other people for that company, trying to get them sucked into your downline so you can get a raise. Shamelessly promoting the product to your friends and family, even constantly buying the product which can become very expensive.

You get cool titles like the sponsor, distributor or the Presidential level. It’s all a very nice distraction to the fact that your just a block in your pyramid.

The top block on a pyramid will always stand strong as long as there are several blocks underneath. If those blocks underneath start to realize that they aren’t making any money, the whole thing will collapse.

Affiliate Marketing is not MLM

Your comparing apples vs Bananas. MLM is nothing like Affiliate Marketing, in Affiliate Marketing you have so much more room to pursue your passion. Where in an MLM, you’re stuck with whatever product they have for you to sell.

Affiliate Marketing has millions upon millions of opportunities to market what you love within any topic. Sometimes your even able to come up with your own product to sell.

In an MLM, you’re locked into one program and that program at times can be very narrow at the least. I can’t say you have the audience’s best interest because you can’t sell anything else other than what they have to give you. Most of the time that product is overpriced or completely worthless.

My conclusion

If you have bought into these, I don’t consider you a bad person. At one point in our lives, we decide that we’ve had enough at trading time for money and would love to have money work for us. As we begin our journey, we stumble upon things that seem to work at the time. Then we find out that it doesn’t, building a business Online is about finding out what works and what doesn’t. I just want to keep you informed of the limitations that MLM’s pose.

Some might say I don’t have the personality for MLM’s and you might be right. I don’t like bullying others in order to make myself money, the friendships that I make in life are far more valuable to me.

You are a good person with motives that I can respect. I know there are better opportunities out there that can carry you farther than any MLM program can. I recommend that you think outside the box if you’re having a tough time getting your MLM business off the ground.

There comes a time when you step back to see that something isn’t working and it’s taking too much of your time and money. There is a reason that 95% of MLM Marketers out there fail and it’s because they rely on recruit vs promoting a quality product that you use and enjoy your entire life which is called Affiliate Marketing.

I love answering any comment that you would have to share, I know that this is a tough subject in a lot of people lives, it was one for me. Much like the Emperors new clothes, sooner or later, everyone is going to realize that the Emperor was given no clothes to wear. I know a lot of you will have questions and some of you just might have something awesome to share as well. I would love to hear them and I promise I will get back to you. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Multi Level Marketing Scam, Don’t Fall For Them”

  1. Hi Nathan!

    MLM schemes suck. They’re really built in a way thatou the ones who really make the big bucks are the ones at the top of the pyramid, while the rest just get the crumbs.

    Affiliate marketing is a whole different thing. It’s a legit way to make money online by helping people and recommending what you think it’s best for them.

    And you don’t need to drag anybody into suspicious business which ask for money first and then explain you how it works.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this. It’s really important that people sees the difference between these two ways of making money.

    1. Exactly, there is a very big difference between the two. I’ve been approached by people who have told me that it’s the same thing in order to get me back into the same scheme their in. The sad thing is that all the MLM’s out there can be done as an Affiliate Marketer and for far less than their admission fee they ask, plus the money you make is not decided by where your at on the ladder. It’s about time we work for ourselves and not others, that’s how you build a business.

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