What Is A Low Competition Keyword And How To Find Them.

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Keywords is one aspect to google ranking

There are many aspects when it comes to google ranking, adding keywords is just one. You don’t want keywords with high competition because it will take you forever to get ranked under, you will want low competition keywords. The low hanging fruit principle is like grabbing fruit that you can reach, instead of the ones you can’t.

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What is a low competition keyword

When going to a tree, you’re going to grab the fruit that you can reach, bringing out a ladder and going for the top is just difficult. Use the 100/100 method when searching for low hanging fruit, 100 competition, and 100 search volume.

It doesn’t always have to come out to 100/100, but somewhere close to it.  You can have 124/100 or 100/124, it doesn’t matter. The goal you’re going for is a small audience with low competition.images-8

Keyword research to look for

When you are looking for that great keyword, make sure the phrase makes sense. Great content that lets others engage is your ultimate goal so you will want the keyword to flow within your content

How to use the keyword in articles

You will only need to put it in 2 places within your posts/pages, the title and somewhere within your content. When writing your content out, put the keyword in a sentence and then keep on writing.  Too much will be intrusive and google will block it, too little and your not making use of keywords within your content.

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2 thoughts on “What Is A Low Competition Keyword And How To Find Them.”

  1. Hey there,

    Thanks for sharing with us about the use of low-hanging fruits. This is a great way to rank on Google, especially for new sites, that would be much harder to go for more competitive keywords.

    Wealthy Affiliate is also my course and program of choice, great stuff! How did you find it so far? I’d love to hear more about your experience with low-hanging fruits.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Wealthy affiliate is where I learned about and I’ve instigated it within my websites. It makes sense to sneak in through low competition that trying to fight the high competition of big crowds.

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