Keyword Research And Discovery

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What is keyword Research?

Keyword Research is a fancy name for finding those words that customers type into to find what they are looking for.  This is how you are going to bring traffic to your website.

Everyone is looking for something on google and if you can make your web pages centered around those keywords, you are literally putting out a sign that says, “I am Here!”

Free vs paid keyword tools

There are so many tools out there to help in your keyword research and discovery efforts, you might find yourself confused and wonder, is it worth paying for and do I have to pay to find keywords. The simple function of a keyword tool is to provide a list of possible variation of the keyword that people are using, along with the traffic and competition.

Free Keyword

Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool

WA keyword tool is provided for you with a free account, it’s basic and simple with no bells and whistles.

Google Alphabet

This is a keyword strategy tool, by typing in a keyword google provides different varieties by going through the alphabet


Paid Keyword Tool


Jaaxy is a paid keyword tool, it does everything that free keyword tools do plus bells and whistles. It actually combines a keyword tool with google alphabet with a more robust search feature.

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What makes a keyword worth using?

This is more of a broad subject, but I will touch up on it a little on this page.

The customer life cycle has three phases, research phase, decision phase and purchasing/action phase. I will talk about these phases in more depth later, just know the keyword you want to choose should lie either on the decision phase or purchasing phase.

Research phase keywords

Decision phase keywords
Kids Toys
Black Cats
Family Games

Purchasing/action keywords
Where to purchase Kids Toys
How to adopt a black cat
Best place to buy Family Games

For a more in-depth on this subject, check out my post on Customer purchase cycles.

Finding Content ideas with keywords

Using the keyword tools with Decision phase/Purchasing phase keywords you can find great ideas that you can create engaging page/post out of.


What is low hanging fruit keywords?

Low hanging fruit simply means the keywords with little competition, so you can get ranked faster than the ones with higher competition. Keywords with under 300 are ideal, so create your content with these keywords in mind with help in google ranking


I wrote a post on low hanging fruit keywords, go check it out

Keyword research is an amazing strategy when trying to rank in google search engines, there is so much to learn and everything you do learn gets you one step closer to ranking first page in google.

If you want to learn how to build a business Online, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliates.

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