Basic Steps To Getting Google Webmaster Tools To Work For You.

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Welcome, everyone who is new and all those returning visitors. Thank you for following along, I hope that what I have will help you get to where you want to be.

I love listening to what you guys are talking about, every comment I get I take note and I listen. Just recently I got a request for more information on Google Webmaster Tools, the awesome system that Google has set up for us for free as website designers.

The first time I heard about Google Webmaster Tools was from Wealthy Affiliate, where I learned how to set up my website with google and neat information I can get on my website. There is a lot to learn about this tool, I’m going to start with the basics and hopefully create a series of lessons.

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Google is on your side

Can you believe that Google is actually on your side when it comes to bringing in traffic, there are so many complaints out there that describe things like the new algorithms that they come out with. How you can’t do as you used to as a business, that some rankings have gone away because of it.

The truth is Google is really trying to center their service around quality content that everyone wants.

Get your website registered with Google Webmaster Tools

First of your going to need a Gmail account, which is easy to set up. You go to and ask to set up an account, creating a username and password.

To get your website registered, go to Google Webmaster Tools and click the big red Add Property button in the far right-hand corner.

After clicking Add Property, your going to want to enter your URL of your website.

Go down under the recommended and your going to want to copy this series of numbers

Login into your WordPress site and go to the All in One SEO-General Setting

Scroll down to where it says Website Verifications and enter your code besides Google Webmaster Tools

Bingo, your site is verified with Google Webmaster Tools.

What Features should I be concerned about

There is a lot of features within Google Webmaster tools, the two that I concern myself with are Search Analytics and Fetch as Google.

Search Analytics

This feature can be found under Search Traffic and provides you with all the keywords that people are searching within your website. If your website is fairly new, there isn’t going to be any data because google hasn’t had a chance to search your website.

Fetch as Google

This is where you get google to search your pages/posts from your site. It is found under crawl – Fetch as Google. Enter your website address and click Fetch and Render.

Well, that’s the basics of the Google Webmaster Tools, if this series becomes popular, I will continue on all the features that it has. Feel free to leave a comment if there is something else you want to learn about.

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2 thoughts on “Basic Steps To Getting Google Webmaster Tools To Work For You.”

  1. Awesome

    I have actually been looking for some good information on Google Webmaster Tools and stumbled across your website.

    I knew that a lot of web site owners were using it, but did not really know what it was used for.

    I now know how to install it and the benefits it will provide.

    I look forward to some of your future posts.


    1. Your welcome and thank you, I’ve noticed a lot of visitors wanting more information on Google Webmaster Tools. There is so much that you can do with this free tool that Google provides.

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