Best way to find your number one customer, find out what the customer life cycle is

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Who is your customer?

Understanding who your customer is, is very important when deciding on what your going to create your website on. Most of the time if you choose a product that you enjoy yourself, knowing how to meet them where they are at becomes easier. Find out what the customer life cycle is wil help in clarifying what you need to create in your

Don’t make an assumption either way, do your homework and gain an understanding. You will thank yourself later.

Here is some things about a customer that you should think about

  • Customers don’t buy on the first trip
  • It takes them an average of 7 times (website visits, email newsletters, etc.) before deciding to buy
  • Trust is important before making buying decisions
  • They exchange money for something that help their current situation
  • They have access to a ton of information on the internet
  • Don’t try to scam them, they can see right through that

The key in all of this is to catch them on the buying phase of which I’m going to explain next.

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The 3 phases of a customer life cycle

These phase let you know how close a customer is to buying. By knowing each phase, you can judge how to approach them.

Phase 1: Research Phase

Everyone learns this phase when growing up, never judge a book by it’s cover. How download-16many times have you bought something based on the cover only to find that the contents dont live up to your expectation. They are probably not going to buy again and will give a bad review.

At this stage they are trying to find out as much as they can through television, Facebook, Twitter, a Google search, a magazine, personal contact, from a celebrity, or a news website.

Usually at this point, you want to add them to an email list and egage them through content.  Your not going to make a sale at this point, but by helping them through this process, they will consider you a trusted source.

Phase 2: Decision Phase

Most people arive at this stage simple because they want to know how good a product is. Through reviews, good and bad, and personalized opinions from others. This is a good place to intercect visitors with convincing  reviews of quality and relevent products.

This is a great phase to catch customers on because there are so many products out there that you can review, a lot of them don’t work. You can help them make a better decision by showing them something that does work. Product comparisons and reviews work well for this.

If you catch their eye on this phase, for the next phase, they will consider you a valuable resource when making a buying decision.

Phase 3: Purchasing/action Phase

This is the last phase that customer will reach. All things considered and the customer has made a decision. Nothing will deter them from buying.

Hopefully you caught them on phase 2, so when they are on phase 3, they consider you a trusted source to buy from.

With keyword research, you might use phrases like buy or purchase that will indicate they are ready to buy. This method works too and is a great strategy in using keywords.

Do you know your customer?

Well do you, some of you may say yes, but before you jump the gun, consider these 5 criterias.

(1) Do you read regularly about your niche?
(2) Can you effectively communicate with others in your niche?
(3) Do you comprehend customers issues?
(4) Can you come up with your own “pros and cons” for each customer situation (product, service, etc)?
(5) Do you understand the core problems within your niche?

At times when you are writing content or looking for content ideas, you will cover some of these criterias. As of right now, I can tell as I write, I am learning more about this subject than I originally knew. When you teach something, most of the time the teacher learns more than the student.

This is a great thing to think about when making your keyword research. When you look up those keywords, consider what phase the customer is on with every keyword. Are they on the Research, decision or buying/action phase.

What if you where trying to sell bikes, where would you begin. You could try using the download-20keyword “bike” This keyword would have a lot of traffice, but few of them are really buying. Most of them are trying to find out information on bikes that could be anything.

Lets get a little more specific by using the keyword “Mountain Bikes” This term is vague as well, you might find someone trying to read about where mountain bikes can go or vacations to take them on.

Custom Mountain bikes is probably a better keyword to use, you will find customers on the decision phase with this keyword.

Keywords like these at the buying phase are ideal.

where to buy Custom Mountain bikes
How much is custom mount bikes

Make use of someone else’s advertising

Don’t just stick with what you know, look at what everyone else is advertising. You can do download-18that even offline with comercials, billboards and magazines. Makes use of these and find great ideas that people are looking for.

Finding those great keywords

A good keyword to use that people are looking for can be the product name. If they have already done their research, looked at all the reviews, they are on the buying phase if they are typing in the product name within their keywords.

Step into your customer’s shoes

Think about the last product you bought. How did you arrive there, what kind of influences brought you to buy it.

  • Where did you start and where did you end up?
  • Did you purchase the same day that you started looking, and why or why not?download-19
  • Were you exposed to positive or negative advertising about a product?
  • Did you see the product/service in a magazine or on TV before you saw it online?
  • Was the price an issue for you, why or why not?
  • What was the last phase in the analysis process before you actually purchased the product?
  • Did you go on Facebook or Twitter for some purchasing guidance?

You can learn a lot from your own purchases.

Long term thinking

Never stop engaging with your customer, someone who trusts and values you will keep buying from you. That’s how you insure long term success. If you want to learn how to build a business Online, check out my review on Wealthy Affiliates.

Thanks for visiting, check out my social sites Google+,twitter and facebook, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. I enjoy answering everyone.

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  1. Hi Nathan,

    I really enjoyed reading your page about the customer purchasing life cycle. I think you really explained it well – especially the three phases that the customer goes through in their decision making process.

    I’ve come across a lot of websites where you can see the goal is to just sell a product but the site offers nothing of value for the customer – just a sales pitch. It’s hard to develop trust in those kinds of situations.

    Thanks for sharing.

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