How To Rank Higher in Google in 2017

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First off, I want to say welcome to those who are visiting my site for the first time and a thank you to those who follow along as I strive to provide updated and current content on this wonderful world we call Online Marketing.

Isn’t google great? They provide us with what we want to know and help us when we are stuck. Just today my wife came down with a terrible toothache and I had no idea what to do, so I did the best thing anyone does these days, I googled it. It said to have her gargle salt water and to put an ice pack on her mouth.

Google didn’t come to this overnight, it took years of continuous updating to their google algorithm. There are websites that truly want to help others out there, then there are websites out there that just want your money. Google wants to separate the good sites from the bad sites and with this understanding, you can figure out how to make your site a good site. Find out here how to rank higher in Google.

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Focus on Content Topics, not just keywords

Don’t get me wrong on this, keywords are vital to your Online Marketing strategies, but they shouldn’t be your main focus. Google wants websites that provide quality content, quality content is information that solves the someone else’s problem. When you set out to write content, you need to consider yourselves as problem solvers. Who’s problem can you solve today?

I think we all remember Tim Allens sitcom Home Improvement, do you remember the man behind the fence, Wilson was his name. Every time Tim came to a problem that he could not fix, he would go to the back yard and talk to Wilson. Wilson was just a neighbor like most neighbor’s and yet Tim found him a source of Quality information.

We need to be the Wilson to all the visitors to our website, offering our advice and guidance and not expecting anything in return.

If you have any content creating stories, leave them in a comment below.

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Make sure your site is readable on mobile devices

This is an important piece of advice when concerning your website, can people read it easily on mobile devices. Everyone and their dog owns some sort of mobile device. If you’re neglecting this important feature within your websites, your doing yourself a disservice.

I’m certain you have a mobile device, perhaps you’re viewing this website on your device. Stop now and take a look at your website, can you read it easily. Does scrolling down come easy or is it a bother. If you can read your website with ease, then your visitors can.

Keep building links and at a natural pace

When I say links to your website, I’m talking about the links others are making to your site.  The sites that link to your site need to be relevent to what you are talking about, if you have a blog about What toy to buy for your cat and you have links back to your site from websites advertising gumball machines, you need to take a closer look at the websites that you post on about your site.

Keep it natural and at a steady pace, if you have 100 links made in one day, google might consider this spamming.

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Make your content shareable

Having a share plugin put into your sites is important because if people can share easily, they will. When people share your content, that creates quality back links and you want that when trying to rank higher in Google.

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2 thoughts on “How To Rank Higher in Google in 2017”

  1. I can relate to the Tim Allen and Wilson comment because it makes sense. It’s crucial to rank high in Google. It’s not just about keywords. I totally am zoomed in on quality content and nothing else. You have to give people knowledge to help them solve problems but in my opinion? It has to come across as a personal conversation in your content. Nothing else matters.

    1. You got, nice work. Creating quality content is like having a good ole fashioned conversation with someone you know and trust. When you make that your main objective when building out your Online Marketing strategy, you will find that people will want to follow you.

      I loved Home Improvement when growing up, Tim always had some of the most funny lines out there.

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