How To Make Money Online

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How do you make Money online?

You will find a lot of information over the internet on this subject alone, it would literally take a whole day just to read them all. But for some of you, taking a day to read might just be worth creating a life that you wouldn’t be able to create otherwise.

The dream of creating a better life has its roots in several different moments in life. For me, it took several graveyard shifts at a convenient store to realize that this is not what I want for my life or my families. It was that moment I decided to dig my feet into the ground and start building, start dreaming and finding a better way.

My favorite way to make money online or rather to build a lifestyle online is through affiliate marketing and the platform I enjoy using to get me there is Wealthy Affiliate. That being said, there are also other ways to making money and I’m going to mention them below.

Quick way vs long term

I like to categorize these ways as the quick way vs long term. The quick way is for those who need money now, for those who just need extra cash for those small things in life. The Long term is for those willing to do what I have done and dig your feet in and start building, for those willing to spend between 6 months to 1 year creating something that will provide a lifestyle for the rest of your life.

So without going into more detail and my own personal ranting, here is a list of the quick way and long term way on How to Make Money Online.

Quick way

Doing Surveys

Trading your opinion in for money, how much do you think your opinion is worth? Check out my review of Swagbucks to find out if your opinion matters.

I’ve done several reviews on survey sites, each with their own terms and conditions. The idea is that companies out there are looking for your opinion and companies like Swagbucks act as the middle person to get the opinions of us. Most of the income you get are in the form of gift cards.

Check out these other survey sites that I have reviewed.

Toluna Surveys

Sell on Ebay or Amazon

How many of you out there have a closet full of stuff, been trying to make time to set up that garage sale you plan on having this coming summer that never gets planned. Why not sell them on eBay or Amazon.

These companies have millions of customers that go to their site every day and buy something, whether it’s a gaming headset or that fancy dress that you’re never going to wear. Each site has their own fees to listing your stuff online, either it’s based on the listing or the price of it being sold, make sure you do your homework before selling something online.

Sell your pictures

You think you have an eye for photography or just want to find out if anyone else things your photos are worth selling. You can sell them on Foap and let people buy a license to use them.

Foep lets you sell that license for 5 dollars each and that 5 dollars could turn into 100 dollars depending on how many people buy the license to use it.

If you have already posted them on Instagram they are ineligible, so make sure before you post them on Instagram, that you send the uncropped and unedited version to Foep.

Making money over a long term

This is where I get excited, I mean who wouldn’t spend a year just to create something that would provide a new lifestyle for the rest of your life. Making money over a long term should be everyone’s goal, you know that big bodacious goal, the one you lay awake at night dreaming about.

There isn’t anything wrong with making money the quick way as long as it’s apart of the plan for your future. A lot of these small jobs can turn into long term money making.

Affiliate Marketing

Remember earlier when I mentioned my favorite way to make money, well this whole site is a testament to that. The ability to make money by just talking about the products that you love.

Affiliate Marketing is where you build a platform which is your website and you use that platform to talk about your little area of expertise. Companies out there are willing to give you an affiliate link for free that when visitors use to buy something, you get a commission off of it.

If your fretting over the website building, don’t be. It is so easy, you can do it in 30 seconds. WordPress has made it as easy as just filling in blanks and you can even do it for free on Wealth Affiliate.

Creating a Vlog

This one I’m personally just learning about because my wife is big on Vlogging. Vlogging is Video blogging and the idea is to build an audience that wants to hear from you. Through it being entertaining, informative or a visual review of your favorite product.

You can check out my wife’s vlog here, where she talkings about her Tsum Tsum collection and our trips out to places like the zoo or the beach. You can like, share or subscribe and check out how we do it on youtube.

This one is certainly a long term investment due to youtube’s recent policy on an advertisement. You can’t monetize your channel until you’ve reached 10,000 viewers.

Thank you so much for visiting my site, if you don’t have an affiliate website, check out my review on Wealthy Affiliates, a community that pays it forward and believes in the ones they serve.

Thanks for visiting, check out my social sites Google+, twitter, and facebook. If you have a comment or questions, feel free to leave them below. I make sure to answer every comment within 24 hours.



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