Best Way To Get Your Site Indexed With Google Webmaster

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What is Indexing?


Ever gone to your local library and tried to find the one book you are so wanting to read. Well in oder for you to do that, they will need a system in place for you to find that one book which is called indexing.

Indexing a page/post is how you are going to let people know where your site is.

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How do I get my page/post to index

Depending on what searching engines you are gong to want to be index in, you will need tools to help you with that. Since there are 3 search engines out there, google, bing and yahoo, I will mainly be talking about getting indexed with google site indexing.

Small intro to google webmaster tools

Google webmaster tools is the system which google uses to index the websites on their search engines. There is a lot you can do with this tool, all free, that will help your website get out there.

I assume you already have your website register with google webmasters, if not you should get that done.

How to index your page/post in Webmaster Tools

Go to Crawl


2. Fetch as Google

3. In the box at the top paste the URL of your post, but only what’s after the domain name

Ex: yourdomain,com/training , you only write training, or what comes after /

4. Click on Fetch, and after you do, the link you want submitted will appear in the box below, where my links are in the image below.

5. After your link, there will be a button Submit to index , click it!

6. You will be given to choose whether you want only that post submitted to index or the post and all it’s linked pages.


Social networking

Social networking is one of the biggest online marketing tools out there and one of the most misunderstood and easily abused. It really comes down to how you are spending your time on social medias.

The main social medias out there are facebook, twitter, google + and pinterest, there are a lot more of which I have no room to describe so we will stick with these main

A social plugin like super socializer on your website will make this a lot easier, click and send is a lot easier than type in social media, type in website and send.

You should not spend more than 15 minutes a day on social medias, any more and your just wasting your time. Use open ended questions or short sentences that might profoc an emotional response. Your goal in social networking is to encourage interaction.

The importance of interlinking your websites

Interlinking means have links to other sites on your website, google strongly recommends and will reward websites that have links to their own website instead of other peoples sites. Now there is a rare exception in that if your reviewing a product or programs, but to avoid having long winded page/posts have a link within your site that will provide your visitors with more information.

Site comments within wealthy affiliates

I’m always bragging about wealthy affiliates because they have taught me almost everything I know. Wealthy Affiliate came out with a tool called Site comments that allows you to comment on other peoples sites and in tern have them comment on yours.

Google loves comments and responses to those comments which is why this tool is so valuable.

pinging your website

Last but not least pinging is a way to ping search engines that you are out there. There are several free sites out there that will do this.


Thank you so much for visiting my site and check me out on google+. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. I enjoy answering everyone.

4 thoughts on “Best Way To Get Your Site Indexed With Google Webmaster”

  1. Thanks for the guidance on getting my blog indexed in Google. 🙂 These are some of the methods I’ve not yet implemented because I lacked the “know-how.” I’ve heard about Google Webmaster tools but never thought I could actually use it to tell Google about my posts.

    I really appreciate the social plugin recommendation too. There are so many of these plugins on WordPress, that you don’t know the best one to choose for sharing content.


  2. Hi Nathan,
    i am following you on twitter on also.
    can you also post something about Bing webmaster tool?
    and are their other webmaster tool also which we can use in our websites.

    1. Thank you for mentioning that, Google webmaster tools is a great way to get your website indexed in Google, you can also use it to see if you have any keywords ranking in Google.

      Google analytics is also another great Web tool to use to find current and past activity on your website.

      They are both free and highly recomnended, I will make a post on it soon, thank you again.

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