How To Get More Website Traffic – Great Tips To Get Traffic Going Your Way

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Get social on Social Media

Social Media isn’t just a fun place to hang out at, it’s where most of your traffic is hanging out. When I first started out on twitter, I thought it was nothing more than short advertisements sent out and had no value whatsoever. Actually, it has a lot of value in getting traffic to your website if you know how to work it.

John Maxwell quoted once, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” You show people in social media that you care about what they care about, you will find out that they will pay attention to what you know.

Respond to everyone’s comments, both on social media and your website. With facebook and google+, be detailed in your answers. With twitter, you can get away with shorter answers.

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Don’t write content the same way every time

I’ve had some people ask how long does my content need to be, my response is usual how long can you remain authentic before you become ridiculous. What I mean is that your goal shouldn’t be length, rather it should be in quality. If you find yourself pushing the limit just to make your content longer, just stop.

There is Power in the Headline

The Headline is the first thing everyone sees and a lot of care should be put into it so that it pops out when people search for the keyword you’re using. One strategy is to Capitalize Every Word In Your Title. You see what I did there, it may seem small and insignificant, but that one little detail goes a long way when showing up in search engines.

Also make use of power words like free, Tips or How to when writing out your headline. Your headline needs to be the answer to everyone’s problem, so it needs to look the part.

Optimize your page for SEO

Using keywords within your headline and content goes a long way to bringing your site up in google search engines. There are other things you can do to increase SEO within your pages.

The images you use, the file names you give them should have your keyword in them. You can put the keyword in the Alt text as well. Are you creating internal links to other sites within your website, making use of links to other sites within your content tells google that you have an authority within in niche.

Make use of Long Tailed keywords

This one is very important to use when you starting off, a long-tailed keyword is a keyword with 3 or more words that makes sense. The headline of this article is a Long Tailed Keyword, ” How To Get More Website Traffic ” Long Tailed keywords are important when you’re first starting off because of all the short-tailed keywords that are within the long tailed keyword.

Post Content to LinkedIn

This one is highly overlooked when working on your Social Media efforts. LinkedIn targets mostly businesses and professionals looking for work, though depending on your niche, it might be the traffic you are looking for. To get traffic from LinkedIn, you need to be posting content on their site on a regular basis.

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  1. Ok. I could spend HOURS here! You have a lot of good content that is easy to follow with good instruction and quite helpful to the new blogger.
    You have quite a few reviews on your site that were interesting to read. I did not realize there were so many of them. Lots and lots of great information!

    1. Thank you, I try to be very thorough on the information that I provide. I know what it’s like starting up with no clue on what your doing. My motto in Online Business is that no one should go at it alone.

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