Great Tips On Finding The Best Online Education

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Free education

That’s right, I said free education and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. All you need is a computer and the internet. The very meaning of the word internet was to share information. You can get the equivalent of a college education just from the internet.

As I scurry the world wide web, I come up on sites that offer you a online college education and try to convince you that you can’t learn without their help. There are communities out there for far less price that teach how to find an online education by simple typing in the google search.

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Pay it forward

It’s not that difficult to learn this trade and you will find that there are tools out there for absolutely free that can help you. I believe in a pay it forward method, so the lessons I teach you on this site, I hope you might teach a friendĀ and that someone would teach a friend.

Become a student of learning

I head this quote when I was in elementary, you know, the schooling that is paid for by the state. Then they go on to tell you to get a college degree and then get a job, there are so many people out there with out work that are convinced this is still true.

Let me break the mold that colleges don’t let up on, they are glorified businesses that are just trying to make a pretty penny. Don’t get me wrong, the courses out there that colleges teach are vital to society like doctors and engineers, you wouldn’t want a brain surgeon come in with a cracker box education but most of the time they only teach you half the equation that it takes to become successful in life.

The key to success is to become a student of learning, never think you know it all because understanding that there is so much more to learn is important to avoiding becoming stagnant. Teach like your learning something new, connection is what decides our success.

“Teach like your learning something new, connection is what decides our sucess.”

To teach is to learn

I remember the days where I went to college to get an associates degree in Computer Technology. There was classes that for some reason you learned a lot and then there was classes where watching that clock was the main activity in the whole course. It wasn’t the classes and education that was being taught that made the learning real, it was the teacher that could connect with their students that made it possible.

One big secret amongst teachers is that the teacher, with all his degrees and knowledge, will always find something he/she didn’t know just by connecting with his students. In my opinion, there is not student vs teacher because that role can be switched from time to time. The teacher always learns more than the student themselves.

That’s why I like the pay it forward method because I always learn something new when I share. I also know that you will get the same experience when you share what I teach you. You pay it forward.

When you pay it forward, you learn more than the one you share it with.

Free tools out there

Google Analytics
Google Webmaster
Google Search
Google’s free image search
Authority sites that you can find on google.

Are you seeing a trend here? Google has a pay it forward mentality as well, they know if they can make it easier for you to learn, they will benefit. Then if you pay it forward, you will benefit from the one’s you teach.

Pay it forward!

If there was one thing I hope you get from this, it’s that an Online Education consists of paying it forward. Check out my review on Wealthy affiliates, a community that pays it forward and believes in the ones they serve.

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2 thoughts on “Great Tips On Finding The Best Online Education”

  1. Your site is cool, so descent thank you for the good work.
    I agree with you that you can have free education on the internet if you have the web connection, wifi, and the device.
    You are right learning never stops. You have brought up this point that at school we are not trained the whole things that will make us successful in life. Didn’t realize it until reading your post.
    We learn from each other, pay forward is the way which we all need.
    Thank you Ndstad81

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