Don’t Buy Backlinks Online, Here’s Why.

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Why you should not buy backlinks Online

In the short term, if you want to buy backlinks online, it would sound very appealing. Being able to sit back and have your site get ranked fast in google. Unfortunately, this is a breach of google guidelines and will kill your site in the long run.

Google looks at links like they look at votes, the more quality votes you have, the better the rank. In presidential elections, the biggest thing that will destroy a candidate’s hope of getting election is falsifying votes.

The golden days of backlinking

Back in the days, buying back-links was a great way of getting ranked in google. Of course, google caught on and people started to see their sites getting dropped from google searches. The ones who stayed on were the ones with real backlinks, the ones who put in the effort to make an engaging website that people would want to return to.

“Don’t take short cuts to success.”

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How should I build backlinks?

Social networking is a great way to build backlinks, finding people who truly love your site and will share it on their favorite social networks. You want great backlinks, share it with people who will share it with others.

Add social plugins to your site so people can share it easily, I use super socializer on WordPress.

Write your posts in a way to engage your audience with these criteria

Captivating headlines

You can find headlines everywhere, like at your local market or from your favorite magazine. Using google search, find titles that are ranking with your keyword and use those as guidelines.

Image Relevance

I made a post on finding images for your website, check it out. Make sure when picking your images that they relate to your content, I always do a google search for my keyword and select images while using my free method.

Conversational Speak

Image yourself talking to your best friend and wanting to catch up. When writing content, think about what you might say to your best friend.

Helpful and focus on “Showing”

Your helping people by showing them how your product helps solve their problems, ideas that can make their lives better.

Ask feedback, ask to share

You need to be thinking about making your content engaging when your writing. Subtly request comments throughout your page/post that will get people talking.

Make it fun to read

Make sure you’re having fun when your writing, think to yourself about what you would want to read about. Do you like humor, put that in there.

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Final Thoughts to take away

It is important that your site is backlinked naturally by people who truly want to hear what you have to say. Google rewards that and will make sure your sight is ranked accordingly.

Where do go from here

Having a platform that will help in backlinking naturally, check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate. They will back you completely with a community that helps and encourages building a business online that will make you money.

Thanks for visiting, check out my social sites Google+, twitter, and facebook. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. I enjoy answering everyone.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post, you touch every area when it comes to writting good content, The goal here is to get traffic to your site and keep them coming back because this is where your website will stand out . Once this happens that traffic will convert. so it is all about doing a proper keyword search and then writing a wonderful blog that keeps them coming back for more to the point where they will not want to look anywhere else.

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