Find How You Can Google Free Images.

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The color of your websiteimages-4

I’m not talking skin color, I’m talking about making your website pleasing to the eye and not overwhelming to the brain. Images are great and they add appeal to your sites. There is something about a picture that says so much more than words can express.

Take for example learning how to juggle, would you like an article about how to juggle or would you like to be shown a picture of where to throw the ball. download-12A picture can help a reader understand a concept in many ways that words can not.

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Making your own images

Sometimes all you need is the phone on your camera and a creative mind. If your website is about nature, go outside and take some great pictures. For this website, I actually took a picture of a potted Lilly plant right next to my computer screen with a mug of my favorite black coffee.

When making images for your website, don’t be so hard on yourself. Get creative, sometimes a mess up can be the Picasso of your website.

Paid sites that offer images

You can use “paid” images sites, sites in which you can just search and buy an image.┬áThe sites that I recommend are

You can use these images several times throughout your websites after you buy them, there typically are not royalty fees for ever use of the image.images-5

Free sites that offer images

Free sites that you can use to get quality images are

Quick strategy to google free images

I type what I want in google search


Use the topic you want and ask for click the labeled for reuse, if you want to edit the image make sure to click the labeled for reuse with modifications.

How much is too much

I’ve come across some websites that are overloaded with images and then some that are empty. To find that balance, sometimes you need to sit back and act like a visitor. Think to yourself, if I was visiting this website for the first time, how would I take it in.

Make sure your images aren’t ┬ádistracting your visitors from what you’re trying to say. Staying with the theme of your website helps develop brand awareness and return visitors

Putting images in word press

Adding images to your website pages/posts is easy.

Within your pages/posts just click add media, click add from a library or upload file. Then insert, I recommend centering images to the left of your content so that it doesn’t distract your visitors.

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