6 Easy Steps To Make Content Work For You.

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#1 Small paragraphs

When writing quality content for your website, space is your best friend for it provides your reader with breathing room to decide on whether to keep reading or not. It also gives them a chance to think about what you just said and what you said will sink in better.

Each of your paragraphs shouldn’t be more than 3 sentences long.

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#2 Separate your ideas with HEADING tabs (h3 or h4, read post)

Always start your content by making the headings first, it will help the content creation go by a lot faster. Instead of working on what to talk about, it will be more like fill in the blanks and going from one heading to the next.

Make your headings look good by giving them color and increasing their size. That will make them stand out and shine, letting them know what your going to talk about before you talk about it.

#3 Black or dark grey text on white background

White text on back background might cause your readers to squint and lose interest. It has been proven time and time again that black on white is more readable. Take a look at this site, black text on white background is a lot better.

#4 Use conversational speak

When picking up a phone to txt your friend, your not going to give them a report on the mating habits of the african sparrow. Unless of course that’s the conversation, your going to want to write indownload-3 the same manner that you would talk to them.

Be real, be honest. People want to hear from you, not another company’s statisitics.

Your goal in content creation is to help others see what your content means. The faster and easier you can do that the better.

#5 Use a captivating headline

6 tips on making your content readable
How to clean your house in 10 easy steps
build your website in 30 seconds

These are examples of capitvating headlines, words that get peoples attention. Think in terms of helping others do something by using words like easy steps, tips and build. Make it actionable and your audience will be compelled to come.

#6 Use a relevant image within the first fold of the page

Images create an emotional response in people, they set the stage and creating a connection. If you where the visitor would you want to be told how to do it or shown an image of how it is done.

Give your content pizzazz by putting beautiful images within your content. A great place to find images that are free is through google.


Take every content and step back, would you be willing to read the content.

Thank you so much for visiting and check me out on google+, if you have any questions or concerns fell free to leave them below. I love answering everyone of them.

2 thoughts on “6 Easy Steps To Make Content Work For You.”

  1. As someone who’s fairly new to blogging, I’m currently struggling to write content properly. I’ve found your 6 steps for readable content very interesting and helpful 😀

    I think especially adding images and breaking my paragraphs down using headings, are really gonna benefit my blog and my blog readers. I agree with you on stepping back because we’ve definitely got to create content that we would personally love to read ourselves.

    Thank You

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