Easy Steps To Make Your Website SEO Friendly

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What is SEO


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the art of making sure a website can be found in search engines. Everyone is looking for something on google, we want that something they are looking for to lead them to your site.

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Without further ah do, here is 5 things you can do add url to search engines.

#1 Don’t be afraid of white space

A website is the home for your presence online, consider it your home away from home. At your house you wouldn’t fill your walls with everything under the sun, you would find a good painting or a plaque that labels your achievements and put it on the wall. You might use one or two more items on the wall and that’s it, anymore would make the wall cluttered.

Same thing with websites, a few things here and there are nice, but you’ve got to enjoy the white space. That gives your audience┬áthe chance to focus on what your really presenting them. If you add bells and whistles it will distract them from the main theme of the website.

So keep it simple, think to yourself if I was someone just visiting how would I view it.

#2 Get Found


Lassie aint going to bark to let you know Timmy’s down the well again, I still wonder how he ever gets down there in the first place.

Anyways, getting found on google is very important. So important that you need to center all your strategies around that, ranging from keywords to the plugins you use for your website.

You can incorporate your target keywords within your website by putting them in one sentence in your page/post. Then writing about that one keyword. That is all it takes to get it SEO, not much and it’s very easy to do.

#3 Include Social Share and follow buttons

There are several plugin website seo tools on wordpress that would help you do this and will work as long as they have the main social networks such as facebook, twitter, pinterest and google +. Super socializer is one of my favorites because it also offers more than just those 4, but those 4 are necessary if you want to get SEO.

A good rule of thumb when researching plugins, makes sure it has a good star rating and a lot of downloads. Besides that, you are free to trying any other plugins out there.

#4 Have a plan

Make sure you have an idea of what you want before moving forward, that vision and theme will keep you on track. This piece of advice will help you with all of the others because if you know what you want, you can’t steer off course if you know what I mean.

#5 Navigation

Always test your website, make sure all your links work and you never get that dreaded 404 error. That’s the worst a website could have, it causes your audience to search around, get confused and finally leave.

Thank you so much for join me on my site, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask and leave any comments below. I love answering everyone of them.


2 thoughts on “Easy Steps To Make Your Website SEO Friendly”

  1. Hi, about Navagation. what happens to the page if you don’t fix the 404 error? Will it disapear of the error leist over time? Or do you have to go and find to fix the problem.

    I heard that plugins really slow down a site, are there certen one’s a site should have?

    1. you will need plugin 301 direct to reroute a website that says 404. In Google webmaster tools, you can see a list of all your sites that are showing a 404 error. Your right on the plugins, they do slow down a website, only use plugins that you absolutely need

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